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  • Hi everyone, I wonder if one of you loevly people could do a quick sweep of my 6 year old to find out why she is hating the school she is at so much - is is just a 6 year old thing or do I really have to consider moving her? And what else is eating her? She is so low at the moment and she won't say why. Maybe a boring silly request but I would be grateful if someone took the time.

    THX, Paddi

  • Good Luck Paddi!

  • My gut instinct was to say she was being bullied, not physically but teased in some way which was upsetting her. But then something else hit me and I don't say this in any way to offend but I think she is picking up on all the emotional upheaval you & hubby have suffered recently. Seems to me she too is an empath and the frustration and upset have taken a toll on her, it may be showing more at school than home where she feels you have enough to deal with. I know things are looking in new directions and that is a good thing but trust me absorbing such feelings can take some time to shed even if she doesn't understand what they are.

  • Hi RC yes I was thinking the same thing as you, she is empathic and it could be all the tension in me, she does not want to leave me she says . And yes she is also getting bullied, she tells me about it and the teachers are not doing anything so I have made an appointment with them for after the midterm break which is next week. She hid upstairs today and I could not find her anywhere.


  • Dear Paddifluff,

    The school systems seem to be unable to handle the children that bully. You may have to take her and place her in a private school. Look into the flower essesenes to help her to calm down. Go to a herbalist or a health food store owned by a trained person in this field. Take some sea salt and place it in a small viel and place it on ( in her pocket) your little girl before she goes to school. Ask A Angel Michael to come and be with her at school before she leaves to go also ask him to be with you. Don't forget that you must ask their help.


  • Poor thing, I hope you get some help from the school and that tensions have eased enough to allow her to feel better at home as well.

  • Thank you both, Shuabby is the Bach rescue Remedy a good one? I have a bottle of that here which I keep forgetting about. I will ask the angels esp AA Michael to be with her.


  • Paddifluff

    your daughter is at the age of death being real. Children younger have no concept of death but around 5 or 6 it can be a very scary thing---unspeakable. Spirit says your daughter has attached herself to protecting you. This death thing comes at the same time she is learning about consecquinces in school---the issues of being good or bad----punishment and bad choices. Add a scary dream into the mix and suddenly you have a child wanting to regress back into the safety of early childhood ignorance and bliss. This will pass. She feels if she keeps you in her sights all day nothing will happen to you and if she is not tested at school to be good there will be no bad stuff happening. I suspect she had a very bad dream of death awhile back but will not talk about it. She will grow past this. Any issues of defiance that come up at school will be about this and will pass. Her nature is more comfortable with a sense of controll and she will feel the bumps of change and normal phases more intensly. BLESSINGS!

  • Oh thank you for your insight Blmoon it really helps me a long way to understanding what is happening in her little head. I will approach it all in a completely different way now.

    xblessings to you too Paddi

  • Thank you both, Shuabby is the Bach rescue Remedy a good one? I have a bottle of that here which I keep forgetting about. I will ask the angels esp AA Michael to be with her.


    They now make Bach Remedy for children. You can buy it from your natural health food stores or go on line and order it .

    Blessings and healing to your both,


  • Paddi,

    Since I have been putting my list of feng shui tips together, I found one for bullying for you.

    For Bullying:

    There are Feng Shui cures that can be enacted to shift bullying scenarios, and total belief in their effectiveness will speed the process. First, the person being bullied should follow an ancient Eastern instruct that advises to carry a pinch of cinnamon with them in their pockets, purse or backpack. Eastern cultures consider cinnamon the 'warm brown spice of friendship that destroys enemies' and is also believed to build strength, specifically to stop the incidence and experience of bullying. There's also a powerful amulet you can put together for protection that blends a few pinches of cinnamon with ground ginger, another hot and sweet spice that grants courage and strength. A few black cumin seeds added to this mix also bring big protection against negativity and evil. Put these together in a small pouch and carry this amulet with you, refreshing the spices every 30 days or so. To supplement the strength of that last cure, you can also carry an image of a dragon with you. Hang a predominant image of a mountain in your bedroom for support and to overcome fear. And finally, locate the 'Friends' area of your bedroom and position three small, green and healthy plants into this space. Write the names of the bullies on white paper in green ink and leave that paper under the plants for at least 27 days. Believe. This stuff also works on the bullying boss, the ex who won't pay support and the brats on the bus. Believe and then be proactive. Bless those bullies who don't have the courage to fight back! Believe! This works.

    If you could get her involved with the last one, it could help her to be stronger, knowing she is doing something to make it go away. Kind of like the cures for warts, most of the magic is in the belief of the individual.

    In addition, she may be thinking, this desire to move is in reality a break up of the family causing her stress in not understnding what it is really about.


  • Great tips IBelieve as always. Funny you should say that about moving because it is the main reason or one of them why it has not happened because my hubby is a person who will never settle and up to now we have always stayed here as the most central place. I fear the move to Ireland will break us up. She must be tuning in on that. Time for a chat.

    Thank you all so much I did not expect so much help.


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