In Need of Insight-What is My Astrological Makeup???

  • I was born on May 6th 1992 at 9:28 pm in Dallas,TX. I would really appreciate this thanks!

  • Have u EVER considered to google for it? what u ask is actually a chart reading. Such u can get for free on many places. grupo venus has free membership n a whole slew of charts u can do.

    Also any week magazine can tell u what main sign u are. all u need is the date u was born n month. google grupo venus n astrology charts. Most astrologers say the composite chart is the most accurate to the core of bone on ur chart. so u may wanna google that here.

    To have ANY astrologer do it here will take a whole slew of time because its a complex thing to do UNLESS they have some gadgets downloaded themselves. SUCH can u also down load n purchase.

    best i can do Asia.

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