I the Taurus and he the Virgo

  • A year ago I met up with an old classmate from high school. We never got the chance to spend time together in school so we were very happy to see each other. We hit it off so well and could not get enough of each other. We soon found out that our signs were compatible in a good way. At the time we were living in different states and it was crazy because I was just preparing to move back home where my family lived. Once I moved back everything changed between us. He started being unreliable, hardly called me, and was always late. So me being a Taurus, I started getting suspicious. I knew that he had kids to 2 different women and that one of them still lived in town. I asked him the nature of his relationship with his son's mother. He told me that they still talked and did things for the kids together. At first I was ok with that because I have the same type of relationship with my childs father. I didn't question him and just went along with what he said. He told me that things would get better between us as soon as he gets things together. A few months went by and nothing changed. I began to get impatient with him so I stopped calling him as much as I did. Hoping that he would miss me and start treating me right. He tried and thats all I can say but still fell short. Then he started talking about moving in with me. He told me that the only way that things would get better between us was if he moved in with me. I told him that I was not ready for that and that he needed to think about that more. Then a few more months went by and he still was late, still texting, not calling and had never spent the night with me. I just knew in my heart that he was seeing someone else. He hept telling me that there was no one. Then one day when I was on facebook, I saw a picture of him and his son's mother at a wedding. I asked him about it and he lied about it. Then one day I stopped by his job only to see his son's mother there. She asked me who I was to him. I told her that I thought that I was his lady. Now he's mad at me for telling her that. He told me that she didn't need to know anything. He still tells me that he loves me and wants to be with me but he is distant now. I know this sounds crazy but what can i do to get him back into me again?

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  • Nothing - he is looking for the perfect woman but, because there is no such person like that, he tries to get a little bit of perfection with one woman and something else with another woman. I Also feel there may be a third or fourth woman on the fringes. He likes his family relationship with the other woman and his single life with you but doesn't want just one woman or one life. He is too immature and uncommitted for you.

  • Yes, know that he is too immature for me but I know he his a good man. He helps anyone that is in need. He says that my love comes with conditions that make him feel insecure with me. Is he saying this just to keep me around so he will not lose me? He tells me this all the time.

  • No, he means you make him feel insecure. This is too unequal to work. He is looking for another more immature partner to match him.

  • Hello Captain,

    I have met someone new and we have a lot in common. He's very smart and accommodating to me. He is an Aries. I have read a lot of negative posts about Taurus and Aries. Is there anything positive about this pair? His birthdate is 04/14/81

  • What is your exact birthdate, Melanie?

  • 05/02/78

  • Melanni, this is a difficult relationship for love. It could furnish the material for a whole textbook on power. Although you are both highly dominant types, you express this dominance very differently. Your friend is turned on by the kick of leading others and of moving out into the world, while you can be quite content to sit at home or in the office as long as you know that other people are implementing your ideas. In both cases however, ruling the roost is a firm requirement, which can make marriage or another permanent living situation between you difficult or even impossible. You may avoid conflict if you can negotiate a strict separation of duties and areas of influence within the family or social group, but it will be challenging.

    One example where you differ is food - what you eat is very important to you and you probably love to cook. Your friend on the other hand will eat whatever is there, using food simply as fuel. He eats to live while you live to eat sort of thing. You also love your creature comforts, particularly home furnishings, which may not matter much to your adventuresome friend who seldom sits still. Serious power struggles can arise when he insists that quality food and furnishings are items that you or the family can live and should be able to do without.

    Your shared physical stamina and devotion to ideas aside, you two may have little to share in a love affair or marriage. You have a need to express sympathy and affection, while your friend may play it cooler and try to keep his emotions under control (though not without occasional flare-ups). A relationship between you is often built around involvements with social, community or family institutions, for neither of you likes to be alone for very long. But this relationship is best for working together for the good of the community or in social work, rather than in love.

  • Captain,

    This is mind boggling because we have so much in common. He loves to cook and loves good food as I do. His way of thinking is so similar to the way I think about relationships. He is very surprised about the level of conversations we can have. I'm trying to take things slow before I jump into a relationship with anyone but he seems to know that I am the one for him. He is always complimenting me on how smart I am and how he feels good being with me. Today he told me that he feels balanced when he's with me and that he is not interested in even talking to another woman because he feels fulfilled with me. He even talks about doing things with my kids and I ( something that the virgo man never has done). He has been through a lot in his life from childhood to divorce from his wife. He is willing to work together to make life better with his partner and has expressed it to me without me asking lots of questions. He likes the fire in me and can deal with it without making me feel stupid about being emotional about things. He doesn't get mad when I make fun of him. Tell me could he be a totally different Aries?

  • Sorry but I feel this man is pretending to go along with what you like - and then he will revert to his 'normal' ways once the relationship really gets under way.

  • Ok Thanks for the advise and warning. I really enjoy your insight. Until next time.

  • Unless of course you got his birthdate wrong?

  • Melanni, I am an Aries myself, and you would have never guessed it if you met me. Maybe your guy has lots of other influences in his birth chart, like I do. Observe his actions and that would be your best guide. If he wants to spend time with you and your kid, it's a very good sign, unless he doesn't give you any space for your own. In this case do watch out for posessive tendencies.

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