Help with interpreting a love spread in tarot!!

  • I am just a beginner..a friend of mine recently broke up and I did this reading for her!

    I tried my best to see what it could mean..can you guys help me figure out better?

    Present situation : Page of Swords

    Her world : The Devil

    His word : Ace of Cups

    Nature of Issues : Three of Cups

    Obstacles : Seven of wands

    Lessons and Signs : Hanged Man

    Her hopes, desires and fears : Eight of Wands

    His hopes, desires and fears : Five of Cups

    Challenges : King of swords

    Outcome : Queen of Cups

    Incidentally, their break up was an ugly one..she was falsely accused of a lot of things that she din't do. However, she is still not over it and wishes to get back. So what do you guys think? Help appreciated!

  • Hi! I'm not really an expert, but I've done readings for a long time. My interpretations are not always textbook and are a little different, but I hope it'll help.

    Her present situation: Page of swords

    Whenever this card pops up during readings, it usually implies someone in the background with bad intentions. Someone (or something) either directly or indirectly spread lies/altered the truth, thus creating conflict. The truth must first be brought out before any progress in made.

    Her world: The Devil

    Again, this card represents misguidance and lies. Someone (usually referring to a male) in your friend's life only sees and cares about their own views and desires, and sometimes ignores other people's words and opinions.

    His world: Ace of cups

    In his mind, things were going perfectly. He could not be in a better place. However, the glass has over-flowed, and the contents have begun to spill out. Fear, suspicion and worry grew within him after 'too-much' happiness. Everything seemed 'too-perfect'.

    Nature of Issues: Three of Cups

    Maybe some alcohol has been mixed into the fray? This card usually indicates a celebration of some sort. Perhaps the party went a bit too far, and misunderstandings developed because of it.

    Obstacles: Seven of Wands

    A fight begins. A battle that taxes the heart and spirit has occurred. And another will follow. Stay strong and remain resilient. Stick to your strengths and the truth will show.

    Lessons and Signs: Hanged Man

    In order to gain something, you must give something up in exchange. This card represents a state of flux and confusion. These are not the best times to make any big decisions. Hasty choices can lead to regret.

    Her hopes, desires and fears: Eight of Wands

    With a little push and a helping hand, your friend will need to rush right through her troubles and find a solution. She fears that she isn't strong enough, that he won't listen to he no matter what she says. If she knows she has support from a good friend, she'll feel stronger, and reach her goal. Perhaps you should be with her in some way if she tries talking to him again?

    His hopes, desires and fears: Five of Cups

    This card represents someone who regrets and looks back at his mistakes. He contemplates the loss he has suffered, and fears it cannot be undone. He hopes for the past to return, to go back to the happier times. He wants a solution. He wants to mend the broken pieces.

    Challenges: King of Swords

    This most likely represents your friend's ex. Stubbornness and an inability to see eye-to-eye is in play. In order to get past the King's guard, you cannot just use your emotions, you must also use your mind. Debate him. Defy his reasoning with proof and logic. Only then will he listen.

    Outcome: Queen of Cups

    This most likely represents your friend. A woman who is sometimes controlled by her emotions, the Queen of Cups stands by the desires of her heart. Love, trust and understanding are her greatest weapons. Use them, and you will achieve happiness.

    If what I've said is completely off or wrong in anyway, then just ignore it. I hope this helps!

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