Past life, past love...? Insight please

  • The best thing is to stop trying to navigate it. Go with the flow and allow it to unfold.

    By directing, you only take it to the same place as before rather than in a whole new direction.

    Which you have not come upon as of yet.

    If I told you that the path is to enjoy the connection, you will spend all your time trying to hold onto the connection and overwhelm it to the point of losing the very thing you are trying so hard to hold onto.

    If I tell you the path is to explore life as a couple, you will try to direct things to explore only those that the two of you can do as a couple and miss the nuances of self explorations that leads to new discussion that makes the union fresh and again, you will suffocate the union.

    Appreciate life and the connection the two of you have now. Just let life unfold. You are worried about a future pain and wanting to give up what happiness you have now because you fear this future pain. How is letting go now easier? Because you have not invested you heart yet?

    You want assurances that this is meant to be and what it is supposed to be, so you can hold back a piece of yourself and only invest in what is known. Again, you are trying to keep from getting hurt or to lesson the possible pain by limiting your investment.

    I know this sounds like good business sense, but what has that ever had to do with love or the connection between two people.

    If you dont explore it unhidered by your fears, you will never invest yourself fully. What if that is your lesson? To not hold back? What if he was the one to hold back the last time and now you are doing it because of a rememberance of it? Are you willing to do it all over again the next time around?

    What do you want to do, go forward and enjoy or is there something else lingering in the back of your mind that does not seem right? Is there some intuition you are ignoring?

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