• Happy Earth Day and Easter to you!

    What an appropriate time to be dialoguing with the angels about life here on Earth and New Beginnings!

    If you have had challenges this spring with communication, technology, mechanical equipment, traffic jams, health or just about anything that seems to be flairing up as an obstacle, perhaps our friend Planet Mercury and an interpretation from Archangel Michael holds an explanation...

    I don't know about you, but for me this month for me has been such a powerful reminder that I am a mere earthling. My ego-self has been kept in check by the constant reminders that there are so many forces much bigger then me and my little world swirling about the cosmos.

    Since March 30th and through this coming Saturday, the planet Mercury has been Retrograde. Simply put, Mercury is presenting us with the illusion that it's moving backwards created energies that can be chaotic and confusing.

    When I first heard a friend blame a technology glitch on Mercury Retrograde close to 15 years ago, I was still immersed in the corporate world. I admit it, I smirked. "Yea, right. You expect me to believe that the planet Mercury is having some kind of affect on our computers here on Earth? I don't think so."

    Today, I cower before you in humility and kneel in front of Mercury and the angels.

    Yes! Yes! I surrender!

    I'd like to share with you some information one of our Angel Communication Masters who is also a gifted astrologist wrote about Mercury Retrograde for our Living with the Angels members earlier this month.

    About Mercury Retrograde from Trude X., Angel Communication Master™

    Angels, we call you to Divine Attention:

    Integral to the planetary waves of Spring, Mercury now appears to take a reverse course, delivering us into the midst of the first retrograde of 2011 (March 30 – April 23). We are now in the midst of a celestial window that affords us a prime opportunity to prepare for the gush of extraordinary energy which is soon to burst through.

    Mercury symbolizes Messenger energy, the quintessential communicator and connector. This fleet-footed, silver-tongued God serves as a versatile player, transmitting on multiple frequencies, and usually without a hitch. However, when Retrograde arrives for a brief season, Mercury switches on its trickster side, legendary for glitches of all sorts: Slips of tongues, traffic jams, transportation contretemps, unavoidable mix-ups, computer crashes, data loss, mail delay, email SNAFUS, misplacements, misunderstandings, misdirections and a general climate of frayed wires and brain freeze. Our usual horizontal axis of connection tends to collapse continually into uncontrollable disarray. (Explains a lot about the last couple of weeks, right?)

    Consenting to this crazed spectrum can drive us to distraction, disorder and outright desperation. Finding the Divine compensating balance for our Retrograde (Rx) dilemma may, however, arrive as an Angelic Remedy (Rx): Go with the purposeful cosmic flow! Focus during this phase upon the vertical aspect of the communication highway, that energy stream ever open with the Divine, the heavenly inward loop, the internal prayer line. This is high time for spiritual access, being present in our wishes and dreams, an auspicious period for Asking, for clearing issues of Identity and Intention, for pressing the SEND-RECEIVE button of the Authentic Self. The spotlight now beams upon the stage of internal conversation and highlights all transmissions transferred through Central Command.

    This cardinal activation occurs as Mercury transits the ram-tough, “First Things First” sign of Aries, so bright April energy centers upon facing things head on, leading the charge, being the Torch-Bearer, initiating, trailblazing and pioneering, being fiercely present as Victors. We can channel the vibrant positivity of Mars, ruler of Aries, by being the fearless Spiritual Warrior. Your Orders are written in crimson: Boldly return within and begin your essential rebirth and renewal without delay. Open your personal Arsenal with resourceful courage: Re-orient, refresh, recharge, rejuvenate, re-invent, reload, and re-engage. Marshall your primary energies and ready yourself, for the charge is set.

    Direct Immediate Fire: “Go Ahead…Make YOUR Day!”

    From your Spirited Comrade in Arms, Astro Angel “T”

    Planet Mercury

    I share this with you today, because I know I am not alone with my lessons from Mercury this month. I have received countless comments from fellow earth angels who have experienced everything from major communication mishaps to technology and/or equipment breakdowns to intense healing opportunities.

    I've heard from folks who bowed to Mercury long before I have exclaim, "this is the toughest Mercury Retrograde period I've ever been through!" With gritting teeth they continue, "Just wait until Sunday!"

    For me, yes there have been the communication, scheduling and technology glitches, although the healing aspect has been most pronounced. What I found was that as I allowed myself to go into the healing, rather than resist it, I learned so much. I also trust that the healing was more complete.

    The next Mercury Retrograde is August 2-26, 2011. How I run the business during that time will definitely honor Mercury's shifted energies (yes, lesson learned thank you!) Marianne and I have also already been brainstorming about an angelically guided Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide!

    I asked my angels for their input on Mercury Retrograde and Archangel Michael responded as follows...

    Rev. Nina: Archangel Michael, why is it that Mercury Retrograde causes so much disruption for so many humans here on Earth?

    AA Michael: The simple answer is that most humans have a terrible time letting go and surrendering to the power of the moment.

    You see, Mercury is just delivering for you another force, another energy that plays into your energy field just like the moon or the sun. You know that when the sun is high in the sky, it's time to be awake and doing things. You also know that when the moon is full, the tides rise, emotions are higher and the energy intensifies.

    Most humans are beginning to understand that the seasons also mark a chance to learn and grow. Winter is an introspective time for reflection and regeneration while Spring is a time for new beginnings.

    As your planet moves into the center of the galaxy, the lesser known influences of the other planets is intensifying.

    Mercury, as Trude so eloquently explains, is a messenger sent to teach you all to notice the subtler energies at play. Mercury is truly doing you a favor for the more you are all able to trust your intuition by following the gentle pull from your neighboring planets, the easier this transition will be.

    Rev. Nina: I assume by "transition" you're referring to this Shift of Ages marked by the year 2012?

    AA Michael: That is precisely what I mean.

    Rev. Nina: This is very helpful dear Michael! Is there anything else you'd like to share in this message?

    AA Michael: Only a reminder that it's essential that humans learn to follow the truth of their hearts. This is what we angels guide you to do and why communication with us is so important. You can get there anyway you like, but you do need to get there sooner than later. Life will just be much harder if you don't.

    Rev. Nina: Thank you! As always, I hold you humbly in my heart.

    AA Michael: You are most welcome!

  • Thank you Blmoon for that timely reminder that we are never alone and helpless and when things go wrong many times it is a lesson that makes us stronger or a happenstance that took you from harms way (like when you are delayed only to find an accident ahead of you delaying you further, Well the first delay was to insure you were not involved in the accident).

    So sometimes what seems like a cause for stress is in reality a way to release stress and live more in the moment. I remember a time when I went on vacation for a wekk with a friend. She told me when I got there, I had to remove my watch and pack it away for the duration of the stay. I thought I would be so stressed not having it on or being able to know what time it was at any given moment.

    By the second day I was so amazed at the freedom of just living within the moment. It was eye opening.

    Blesings and Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

  • Bravo Blmoon,

    It is so nice to know it's not in my head and the problems I've been struggling with, especially technologically can stem from sources not often given the clout they deserve. How many of us stop in the midst of a bad day to blame it on planetary alignment afterall? Now granted those present here may be more likely than others to do so but I wouldn't think it's an every day response. Better mark my calendar in August as this has been a rough one, at least if it happens again, I won't be pulling my hair out wondering why. Thanks for sharing this info.

    BTW I posted a message to you awhile back from "the time traveler".

  • Loved it. I got it too. Blessings to you. Blmoon

    Happy Easter.

    Love Bee Xx

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