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  • HI MissBeth, I wonder if you could confirm something for me? I had a tarot reading done for me today by a friend and one of the things which came up was that I need to let go of things from my past which are seriously hindering my chances of moving forward. IBelieve said the same thing to me a while back. Now I am really wondering what those issues are and I have asked my angels to tell me, and what I am hearing is that my memory of life needs to go and also that my attitude to money which also stams from my past needs to be reprogrammed. I wonder if you can confirm that for me. I really want to work on moving forward but i do not really know where to start.

    Thanks so much in advance!


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  • MissBeth can I just add that Maggie (LivingonaPrayer) and I were chatting and as I mentioned my energy fields she got realy cold, especially on her right side, and I suggested she try to focus on my energy field and she saw a big kind of balloon coming out of (my) head. I reckoned it was the bubble of my past that I dealt with last night but have not yet let go of. We were both wondering if you have any insight in to this.


  • Dear Paddi,

    Did you have another thread about your bubble of your past that you dealt with? I may be catching the end of something here, and thought I better ask before attempting to answer.

    Thank you!

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Hi MissBeth

    no we were chatting on gmail.

    xHappy Easter

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  • Thanks for the bumpity bumps lol.

    I am not well-tuned into the akashic records which detail your past lives. BUT, I can tell you that you don't have to know specifically what is even in them to address your question. All you need to do is to have the intent in your heart for peace in your life. Ask your angels to be by your side and help you with this intention. To be at peace, you must clear your mind of any pain associated with your past, that you consciously are aware of. Which most likely will be events in this lifetime. Then, you ask that your body and spirit be cleansed of any past pain, which you consciously are not aware of. Forgive yourself. For whatever you may have caused yourself in your past lives. Anger is an overriding emotion your angels say, and that in forgiving the person(s) and events involved, you can reclaim peace in your heart and spirit to move forward.

    Also, don't worry about the "what" your angels say. Instead, focus on positivity. Always think in positive terms about everything and anything. Instead of focusing on lack of finances, for example, think in terms of how wonderful your finances are. How the right job, the right career, the right set of circumstances will be there...because you did the one thing you need to do. Ask your angels for help in providing it for you. That's all it takes. A heart-to-heart chat with your angels. You initiate the positivity and let them follow up with more of it for your life.

    One last thought, your angels say that you have an inner circle of ascended masters around you, guiding you. This is a very cherished position to be in, and that you simply need to talk to them as well for their intense, and loving, guidance. Ascended masters will be whom you feel most close to...saints, Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary...or any other religious or non-religious wise being. Invite them in to your life. Welcome them. And watch your life unfold the way it is spiritually supposed to.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you so much for your answer Miss Beth. Blmoon picked up on some serious energy issues when we asked her about the cold that Mags was feeling so with both your advice I feel like I have a lot to do in the coming time and a lot of meditating.


  • MissBeth I apologise for my short answer, brain overload. Thank you once again for taking the time to talk to my angels. I have been told before that I have to deal with my past but I have never understood why I have been clearing emotional clutter and not moving forward. Now I do understand. I know nothing about ascended masters but I have been informed it is a good thing to have so I will read up on this and invite my ascended masters in to my life.

    xxthank you


  • Angel blessings paddifluff! Ascended masters are available to anyone at their request; you, just happen to have them around you already without your asking! So ask away for their help! They are not angels...they are "elevated" spirit guides. And very very wise.

    Miss Beth

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