Please help, Birthday is 4-30-86 & in a critical climax

  • Hi, My name is Lisa. Im 24... and I am in a very important part of my life. Im at a crossroads where I can't successfully do my own tarot reading. I am very open-minded and free spirited. I am not like most girls my age, but have always been very responsible. I have made bad choises over the past year and I need some guidance. I have a strong clairvoyance, and I have had numerous paranormal events happen in my life. I am in a relationship in which could result inmy demise. Someone in my area was just murdered out of jealousy and love. A love affair in which the guy this girl my age was seeing was discovered murdered within a couple miles from my house. Now I live in new England in a very catholic area.... I was baptised and raised catholic until I broke free and chose my own religion. It made a lump in my throat when I had discovered the body in the truck on my way home one saturday in january this year. We have seen murders in my town on average once in every 3 years.. Not a ton of crime in this small town. Anyway, I been in my own relationship in whichj i fell for a married man.. and I am fearful his concerns may be of real concern! I have been distant from him but still have been in contact vaguely. An email once in a while, maybe a text?

    Please help me, I also hope I get a deck for my birthday as a gift. I am eager to learn tarot, and have always had accurate readings from my wiccan friends. they tell me i must learn it on my own if I want it to work. and that buying my own deck is bad omen as well. Thanks for everything. Love to you all ❤

  • PS. I can do some readings, but this one is difficult. I am angered by the man I love, and I ended long term relationship for this man. I believed in his hollow lies. and I feel happy, free to be single again, but he keeps trying to stray me into what I bent over backwards to make happen. He is o political and law enforcement profession. stern in his 40's boring, i am "the life of the party" always surrounded by people. Fun caring beatiful inside and out. I was the innocent victim in his sick game. lol and I am short of just packing up and moving out of state.. lol

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