Scorpio male still in love with an aquarius women HELP!

  • So I've been in love with this aquarius girl for about almost 4 years and we did have a relationship but not for too long because I was so young and innocent and she was way more mature than me. After she broke with me, we barely talked or had interaction, but everytime we talked it always turned into something deep about the times when we were younger and how we had so much fun. Now its been 3 years since our relationship and she's had boyfriends during this year span, but I still seem to be missing her love and haven't been able to make a connection with any other girl because of it. For awhile now we've been trying to make plans but she always ended up flaking and the next day, send me a lame ass excuse. But now she recently became single and we're gonna hang out next week, so what should I do when I see her? Is it worth going for, or should I stop while I'm ahead? Birthdays: Mine is 10/28/1991 and hers is 2/6/1991

  • This extremely charismatic relationship can be magnetic in attracting a broad spectrum of admirers, followers and hangers-on. There is in fact somethign extreme about the matchup, in terms of what it brings out not only in the two of you but in your admirers. The danger here is that because you attract a kind of edgy adulation from others, you start to believe it yourselves, inducing all kinds of inappropraite behaviour. Getting rid of an entourage can be harder than it seems, which the two of you should perhaps think about before encouraging one in the first place. Within the relationship itself, you two sometimes find yourselves needing your partner's attention and approval, with you Bhusahi tending to be slightly more dependent than your friend in this regard. She has a relaxed approach that seems to yield big rewards in exchange for little effort. She is not big on suffering and generally figures that the easiest way is the best. A little wary of this, you usually take the more difficult path, which has more meaning for you.

    In a love affair, friendship or marriage, you may resent what you see as superficiality on your partner's part. To her however, you seem no more profound than she is, just a bit more dedicated to cultivating pain. The relationship may not furnish the kind of understanding that you so desperately require Bhusahi but can often provide the kind of relaxation that you equally need. Passions seldom run high here, but both of you can enjoy the relationship's steady sensuousness. Should these pleasures turn cloying however, you may well seek temporary escape from each other in a more exciting and less certain direction. Strong differences of opinion are common here. You Bhusahi tend to be more idealistic and egalitarian than your partner - she is more pragmatic and elitist. Excesses and extremes of thought and behaviour are likely to polarize you two and also to set you in competition for the attention of colleagues, friends or family. This can be an attractive, sensuous and encouraging relationship but it can also be divided, excessive and saccharine. It's up to the two of you which qualities you choose to exhibit.

  • @: The Captain- I'm so freaked out on how i didnt have to tell you the whole story but got it suprisingly very accurate. Thank You!

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