Need advice from a cancer man!

  • I left this cancer man about six months ago didnt answer his calls or anything but he kept coming back begging me back when i finally let him back in my life recently he still doess not act right wtf why wont he leave me be do cncer men get a kick out of stringing girls along??I thought cancer men were caring and i also thought they would leave if things arent going right i dont know i guess my question is what should i make of this he keeps saying he wants me around and he wants to be apart of my family and he wants me and wants me to be his girl and be with me but his actions tell me a different story please help like i would think if he really liked me he would call me all thru the day but he does not its really weird what could this be HELP

  • I am not a Cancer man. I am an astrologer, I think you should be made aware that when looking for a partner using astrology the Sun sign is only one planet looked into. No two Cancerian men are alike. Even those who are born on the same day a year apart can be vastly different. Too understand his emotional reactions you would have to know which sign his moon is in and compare that with yours. To see if you could have a good understanding of each other you need to know which sign his Mercury is in and see how that affects Mercury in your own chart. So I am sure you will see that choosing a partner on the premise that he has a compatible sun sign would be unwise.

  • thanx for the reply you maybe right because my moon is in Virgo HIS IS IN aRIES my mercury is in cancer his in gemini my venus in taurus his in gemini sounds so very different to me ...:() your right LOL

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