If you believe in God please read this

  • LoveDetox thanks for the good advice! I wasn't actually married to my ex, she was just my girlfriend. I agree with everything you said and I am sorry you had to go through what you've been through with your ex husband. I can't imagine how hard that must have been, especially with kids involved.

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  • I just feel I can relate with you since we are about the same age, I am only a few months older than you (I turned 33 at the end of March).

    There are many out there in the same boat as you so please don't despair. I am here for you if you need someone.. I will even help you out on fb if need be and I will give you a diff email addy to send me an email to add you to my fb account if you like.. I have to go round in circles for the email on here cause I don't want spam.

    Only if you're interested.. If not then it's alright too.

  • Cancerman276, you are not alone. Almost everyone has experienced some time of feeling like the one they are meant to be with is not out there. But some of the best soulmate advice I've received is this: "If you believe you will find your soulmate, you are correct. If you believe you never will, you are just as correct." I definitely believe God wants us to find true love, but you too have to believe that you will. Also, sometimes we don't find our soulmate right away because they are not ready to meet or we are not ready. So while you may be, your soulmate may not be yet. Try to remain optimistic, but also expectant. It's hard, I know.

    I went through a challenging time, to say the least, a few years ago. I believed my ex was The One, but after I had supported him through all the trying times, he left. But that was not enough. He also decided to spread lies about my family and I. I was so heartbroken that I honestly believed I would never find anyone else. I prayed to God to help me heal, and he did. I became determined to move past it. It was not easy. But time definitely helped me, and I came to believe again that my One was out there. And I met him a few months ago. We have the same vaules and faith and I feel so blessed to have him.

    Keep believing, Cancerman. I know your one is out there, too. Blessings--Junemoon.

  • i believe that to too junemoon when we are ready we are guided towards the right thing for us...otherwise we are lead away from harm. sometimes we have to learn lessons ie steps before we can move on to the next phase of our lives.

    god has His own perfect timing.


  • Thank you Junemoon26 and forevervirgo!

  • I desperately need the gift of peace and calmness right now.

    I am an emotionally driven person by nature. I need that to stay on the back burner and I need truth and light to guide me now.

    Thank you all in advance for remembering and praying for me.

    May all of you that do, find a peace, strength, comfort and blessings that transcends anything that you have ever known.

    I am a mess currently.

  • I'm praying for you Taurus7 I hope you feel better

  • Mark - I will. I am STRONG!! I fight with a passion!! I do get temporarily weak and weary..but..I always come out kicking! I just do not know that part of me right now. She feels so far away.....

  • Taurus7 You will be back to your strong self before you know it 🙂 Just remember it's ok to be weak sometimes. We all have those moments and it is in those moments when God get's the chance to speak to us and humble us. 🙂

  • Well, He is really humbling me. I have to tell J about my past. It will break his heart. Pray that it does not shatter him. That it will only endear him to me that much more.His overly sensitive self will ache so bad bc of this.

  • Taurus7 I will pray for you as you tell him about your past. I believe things will be just fine. 🙂

  • Cancerman276, Thank you for posting this.. My heart has been broken for the past 9 months over a cancer man, he led me on and now acts like I don't exist. He said he loved me and pulled away when I said it to him.

    He has been hurt a lot in relationships. Mine was the most mature and loving he had ever experienced. He often asked me why I was so nice to him. I said I like him, I love him. I accepted his flaws, he didn't accept mine.

    I dont see how we will ever talk again. Because if it weren't for me we wouldn't have even waved at one another the past few months. I refuse to try to talk to him again, I did all the work. It is up to him to come to me. Only God could make us come back together, he pushed me way too hard and he did his best to hurt me.

    His phoney love and his sweet words were just fake. Because love forgives. Love bends. Love is real and lasts no matter what the test.

  • Hi Kmuse. First of all I want to say I'm sorry you've been burnt by a Cancer man. Your man sounds like he has a lot of growing up to do. Let me ask you a question, if you don't mind?

    Is this man a believer?

  • Hello everyone! I just sent a birthday card to my ex and I would be grateful if you would pray that the card reaches her at an opportune time when her heart is open to the idea of reconciliation. I'm am not hoping for anything more than a friendship.


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  • Thank you doeyeyedpisces!

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  • I read this tonight and it reminded me of how much I seek happiness outside of God.

    The Road to Happiness

    Virginia Brandt Berg

    Jesus told His disciples, "If you know these things"--the keys to right living that He had taught them--"happy are you if you do them" (John 13:17 KJV). That simple point has a world of truth in it!

    Some time ago I was reading an article in a magazine. This is an excerpt from it:

    Everyone is after the same thing in life, and that is happiness. Just to have a good time seems to be the purpose of life to some people. Unfortunately, most of them blunder until their short lives are nearly over before they find out what a good time really is.

    At first, when children, we think that a good time means lots of fun and not much work, to do as you like and get something for nothing. But many folks discover after a while that that is a very silly notion and leads to mischief, spankings, and stomachaches.

    Eventually, after having plenty of troubles, folks learn that success and happiness do not come from grabbing everything we want--that happiness does not mean idleness and chocolate creams! But it takes some folks a long time to learn to go about it in the right way and to find true happiness.

    Of course, Christians who are serious about their Christianity don't make a selfish quest for personal happiness, but they find it just the same. I hope I can convince you of this. Happiness is to many a holy grail. They think that if they miss finding happiness, they will have missed the supreme purpose in life. But that isn't the supreme purpose in life! There is a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox called "I've Lost the Road to Happiness," which goes like this:

    I've lost the road to happiness,

    Does anyone know it, pray?

    I was dwelling there

    When the morn was fair,

    But somehow I wandered away.

    I saw rare treasure

    And scenes of pleasure

    And ran to pursue them when lo,

    I had lost the road to happiness

    And knew not whither to go.

    So where can you find real happiness? It's found in obeying God! Strange to say, the mother of happiness is just plain old-fashioned obedience.

    Joy is always the aftermath of obedience! God's Word says that if you know these things--Jesus' teachings--happy are you if you do them. It's true! A personal will yielded to God brings rest of spirit, a heart right with God brings joy, and a mind stayed on God brings peace.

    Perfect obedience would be perfect happiness if we had perfect confidence in the One we are obeying. Isn't that a wonderful thought? And so true! It's reasonable too, for if the heart is right with God and you're walking in obedience to His Word, then He can fulfill in you all of His wonderful promises. Who could help but find happiness then?

    Many people think they are unhappy because of conditions and circumstances around them, but that isn't it--something is wrong in the heart. When the heart is right, all is right, but when the heart is wrong, all is wrong. They are at war with themselves because they are out of harmony with God.

    Jesus did not teach that the quest for happiness should be abandoned, but that you must go about it the right way. Jesus believed in and taught happiness, but He made it very plain that there are right and wrong ways of pursuing it.

    True happiness is not something from the outside that you can pour into the heart, but rather it springs up from within the heart.

    Jesus understood our human longing for happiness, and that our pursuing it the wrong way was one of the world's greatest problems. He also knew the source of true happiness and had the power to give it to us. He said, "Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full" (John 16:24).

    The Bible promises that one of the fruits of the Spirit will be joy (Galatians 5:22-23), and Jesus Himself told His disciples, "I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you" (John 16:22). There are so many Scriptures along this line to prove that joy comes to a real Christian that I don't have space to mention them all here.

    But this kind of joy is entirely different from the merriment the world calls happiness. This confident message of happiness runs triumphantly throughout the Word of God, so don't think that when you become a Christian it's some long-faced affair, all fenced in and hard and dark!

    Christ set forth the fundamentals of happiness, and told us that we should have joy, to "ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full." People are on the wrong path if they strive for happiness as a goal in itself, because that is to chase a shadow. There's no substance in that at all!

    True happiness is not something from the outside that you can pour into the heart, but rather it springs up from within the heart. True happiness is God-given and is a result of yielding to the will of God--what God knows is best--and putting your life at God's disposal.

    Is this a new thought to you? Does it seem unreal that you can find happiness by making Jesus Christ the master of your life? Thousands and thousands of people today will tell you they found true happiness and fulfillment in obedience to the Lord. He can do it for you! He wants to do it for you!

    Are you dissatisfied, distraught, frustrated? Why not give God a chance at your heart? Before you again start up some wrong trail to find just another dead end of dissatisfaction or frustration, why not turn to God?

    Read God's Word, and there you will find the plan of happiness that God has for you. You'll find God's way! Remember that Jesus, when He was here on earth, constantly taught that there was no happiness or no blessing equal to the blessing of finding and following God's plan and loving ways. Is it strange that God can fully satisfy your soul? Oh, He can!

  • Hey everyone!!! My birthday card should reach my ex today. Please say one more quick prayer that it will soften her heart toward me.


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