Im on confuse girl right now

  • My crush asked me was I single and he said just wondering . I responded" I am single at the moment"...he then texted me sayin.He's glad that I'm single He is also riding solo at the moment.He texted me saying"These boards now-a-days want to have the whole cake and eat it too. This **** not hard!!Loyalty is hard to come by!!When my one come by though, which will be soon or later, I'm gonna make sure to shower my love and appreciation in every way I can. She'll definitely be the 8th wonder of the world bringing displayed(cheesing) You already know"...I kinda felt like he went into a HUGE detail about how he'll treat a woman, I wonder was he tryna impress me and let me know indirectly that's what he'll give to me??...GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK



  • Cancer men come on very strong but don't be surprised if he backs off when you turn out to be the less than perfect partner he is looking for. In other words, if you turn out to be human and unlike his mother.

    Having said that, this is classically one of the easiest and most compatible of matches. Between you, there is a natural flow that promotes a relaxed attitude in a love affair. You two are grounded in a sensuous appreciation for food, sex and comfortable surroundings. Financial security is essential to the wellbeing of all concerned, especially if you go on to marry and have a family. You will both appreciate the relationship and yet at times resent its heavy demands which can be overwhelming. Generally you two are in it with the long haul in mind - the foundation of your relationship, once firmly entrenched, is not flimsy or temporary. The relationship brings solid and well established values to bear. Your atttitudes towards each other are accepting, but you must be careful about expecting the other person to satisfy all your needs and wants. You both must learn how to take care of your own needs and not be overly demanding of each other to do it. Your relationship can promote groundedness, pragmatism, responsibility, and maturity, eschewing the kind of flakiness that both of you might display individually. A kind of tenacity inherent here will help you over any bumps in the road. Just try to keep this relationship light - don't get bogged down in too much heaviness, duty or responsibility. Pursue spritiual values and be realistic in your demands of each other - don't expect too much. If you heed this advice, the relationship can work very well.

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