Help from a Reader Needed...Married.. but I am in Love with my bestfriend...

  • I need insight on this problem....

    I have been married 8 years now with two kids, i am an aquarius (Feb 08, 1980) and my husband is a Leo (July 25, 1973)...we are complete opposites and fight all the time...He thinks he is the only one who works and has a busy schdule...We both work full time plus i do very thing at home clean, cook, laundry and most of the time not even a Thank you instead i get you forgot to throw out the Garbage...My best friend who is also an aquarius (Feb 11, 1981) has always been by myside but lately we have gotten closer and have he has told me he has feelings for me. The biggest problem is i have always loved him just never thought he would settle down now i really want out of my marriage to be with my bestfriend....Help

  • Well im sorry ur husband has forgotten all the good times n the promises u´d both contribute 50 50 in everything, sadly reality is once a woman gets pregnant the cave man returns being the main provider. they think " Would it only b me being at home getting to know n play with my kids. NOOOo instead i hafta work my butt off to provide for us all."

    Men well many men do NOT see raising kids, laundry , cleaning n houise work as a fulltime job. In fact it is a TRIPLE FULL TIME JOB. By this thought idea inbedded in them, they dont think they should contribute to anything once home from work. Some men work even when at home weekends holidays n so on. Ther are many things u can do to help ur husband back to seeing it from ur angle n change it back to how it was once. However instead of making space to tell write for him to write u weep at ur friends shoulder

    Men like ur husband often dont see their mistakes at all. What we dont know that needs changing unless someone tells us.

    Ure in a triangle situation. U have some choises. U can stay in ur marriage n work the indifference out, will take fights n a lot of work. The thing is if u want change u need to take the step.

    If u do NOT want to salvage ur marriage at least wait with moving on until u´re officially divorced. If u dont u will loose all, ya kids, financeaide, chikd support u name it. In this u need to tread like u walk on thin thin ice. While if divorcing is ur choise, u need to pull away from ur friend bc he can b seen as the other man n u as the cheating wife. Divorces can b nasty. There is no saying how bad it can get. It may run smoothly BUT when kids r involved its rare.

    If u already have cheated cross ya fingers that ur husband aint set a pi on ya.

    which ever u choose. good luck in both ways u WILL be in HIGH need of it.


    ps i sincerely hope ya aint cheated on ur husband yet. Many a woman in urt situation has already, so kudos u stayed "clean" on that score., At least this is what i hope. If not then u N ur husband r BOTH at FAULT. luck to ya

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