Are all cancerian men like this!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay where to begin, ill start from the beginning. I started dating this cancerian male back in may of 2009. we meet online and really made an connection. We chatted every day for three months before we actual met each other. He told me his life story as well as things he likes to do and what he looks forward to doing. I have done the same.Our fist intial encounter of meeting he was the most handsome-ist (if that a word lol) man i every seen. Big round girly eyes, thick eyebrows i mean perfect for me. We starting hanging out like a few times a week, but we are both workaholics so we both also had time for ourselves. Some time had past and he called me one day and brought me breakfast we was excited for me because i never had a man do that for me before. he told me what plans he had from that day only to find out that i had the same plans but just at a different time. When i arrived to my destination i seen him with another female. I was upset of course but didnt say anything because he wasnt my man*. One night we were having candle light intercouse and he asked a questioned which i rejected to. I rejected because i was thinking about the consequences that might come from it (im a libra...what can i say...also because of what i seen at the beach) he was upset and actually gave me a lil shrug because he didnt get his way. Then the next morning everything was back to i thought. A couple of weeks later he asked me to help him pay for his rent because he was a little short and i agreed to do so, but then i seen a tiffanys magazine at his house and he was watching me look at the magazine. when i questioned him about it he just said he was looking for some clufflinks. I eventually didnt give him the money because im mind he was using the money to buy a ring..that wasnt for me! So that was the first draw. we didnt speak for three months. One day he sent a text saying he was sorry and that Ive been on his brain heavy (those exact words). I gave in and told him how i felt. Things was back to normal again with the constant texting, emailing, seeing each other, mood swings, always talking about his bm (baby mothers) etc. I put up with alot i tell u. he started to tell me that he really hates his bm and she was mad because he told he that she wasnt the one for him. that he didnt choose her. I ask who he choose and he didnt respond. At the same time he makes this little comments to me that i catch on too but i dont questioned because all he is going to so and not answer the questions. But this is where i cant take anymore. A few weeks ago he and his friend came to my house to play some card games with myself and a friend of mine. We were drinking and having a fun. I cooked and everything. He and I went to have a chat im my room (i didnt want to chat if u catch my drift) but he rejected me at the same time his body was telling me different. We got into a agrument because he told me that he started to pimp and that he wasnt my man and that he didnt have to explain nothing to me....then says " i care..actually no i dont care"... after he lefted i text him and told him i didnt want to talk to him anymore. Now hes been on my messenger everyday since then, hoping i will initiate the first contact (which im not)...whats up with him. Can you guys give me some advice please i need it.?

  • You are not just seeing RED FLAGS in this situation but you are seeing big RED BANNERS! stay away you don't need the drama in your life. Its not worth it! PS...If he doesn't respect the women who gave him a child then why would he respect you? Run and run fast!!!!!

  • Oh yea im running...after he said what he said he knew it was over.and me being the person that i am, i dont even look at him the same...he disgust me to the highest power....

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