Relationship Question: Four of Wands and five of pentacles!!!

  • Cheers!

    I am new to tarot reading. I bought a cool pack of cards in New Orleans and I have started to research the meanings and do daily readings. I get the "King of Wands" almost everyday and it consistently baffles me that of 78 cards, I can consistently pull one in particular. Here is the real deal!

    I asked: "What energies will affect us should I continue to build a romantic relationship with ____ (the guy I just started dating). I pulled three cards and they fell in the following order:

    1. The Chariot

    2. Five of Pentacles

    3. Four of Wands

    I researched the meanings, but my head is spinning. I find it hard to believe that a 5 of pentacles (bad) and a 4 of wands (excellent) could fall side by side. What is your interpretation of the reading? All suggestions are welcome regardless of your experience. I am seeking enlightenment!

  • Asking what will effect means what effects you not meaning the outcome. You askes what effects.

    So strong will direct control, impoverishment in any demeanor and invitations or initiations of positivity will effect the relationship...those are major influences....if any of you are emotionally impoverishged that would influence you to together and what tyoe of long term reltaionship you have.....and so on......

  • What is so strong that it will direct control? The emotional connection is strong and the attraction is strong. It seems like the 5 of pentacles is a complete contradiction of the 4 of wands.

  • fierce competition between the two parties. one of you has to win. it's showing there is a degree of being "the right fighter" bullying, manipulation, control. yes the cards good and bad come up in a reading, no surprise there. the chariot is a major arcana, and this is the card to look towards when summing it up. the five of pentacles show a lack of confidence especially when it comes to finances. are one of you out of work? not having enough to do things with. take you out on dates maybe draining his or your pocketbook,,, you also have trouble fitting in with his friends? or family?


  • sighs

    I'll admit it...I'm a little manipulative in my relationships. We both have jobs so I think the finances are in check. He may be hiding financial struggles from me. He often talks about his fear of losing his job due to "issues" at work. I haven't met his family, but he lied to me two days ago in regards to his family. He's young (4/26/84) and from what I've gathered (via facebook), he had a child in high school. When I asked him if he had any kids two days ago, he denied having any children. I was so shocked and baffled. That's why I want to know the energies surrounding us. I can't imagine building a relationship with a guy who denies having a child when he does out of fear that I may lose interest. The cards depict that the relationship is not coming to an end even though I have a hard time believing I can move forward.

  • the four of wands is a positive card,, it represents harmony with a group of people either in workplace, social seting groups networking, and family. sometimes depicts a celebration of some sorts. that maybe where the 5-pents shows lack of stability and that it would affect his ability to lavish on you. first impressions are important and perhaps telling you about achild too soon could turn you off. you know of his history with women?? mny people are not interested in hooking up with a single parent, and he may have experienced negative reactions. who knowsabout the kid? is the kid disabled or has an illness-disease like autistic? something unusual.

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