What is wrong with me?

  • I am a typical libra.. I am single right now and feeling a bit off balance.. I wouldnt say i'm searching but men seem to come upon me. I picked one that I found very attractive and intriguing. Things seemed to be going well and out of the blue he just stopped talking to me. He is a cancer.. Can anyone see in the cards what is going on here?

  • Brookenicole84 ,The majority of men do not like confrontation of any kind when it comes to ending a relationship. I would say that he has moved on and doesn't know how to tell you, or he is either unsure about a new relationship that he has started or wants to start and he wants to keep you waiting in the wings while he see's where it is heading. This is selfish and cowardly, You deserve a better man than that in your life, if you settle for this disrespect from him now, you will be in his "I'll call her if I can't find anyone better file." Don't allow him to treat you this way. You can confront him and let him know that you feel disrespected by his advoidence and that you would rather be with a man who is able to communicate his feelings in an honest platform, or you can turn the tables and avoid him if he does come back around. You don't want to be his "stand by". If he can't be honest and communicate with you now what kind of relationship do you think you would have if you accept this man back into your life?. It surely won't be one in which you can trust him to be honest with you about his feelings for you, all you would be accomplishing is letting him know that you will settlle for less than you deserve and that is exactly what he will give you! Be your own best friend, find out who you are and what you want from a relaitonship and then you will be able to enter into a healthy, respectful honest situation with someone who will treat you the way that you want to be treated. It is better to be alone than to settle for less! Cancer men are very moody. They put up walls because in reality they are afraid that they will get hurt. I would say that he is insucure about himself so he has choosen not to do anything.That's not a man, that is a scared little boy or one that has been hiding someone else from you since the begining and he is afraid he is about to get caught in a tangled web of deception...Move forward on your own, true love will fall into place when it is right! And don't talk about yourself in a negitive way, you will internalize the negitve thought process "What's Wrong with Me" and it will become apart of who you are and you will not attract a positive situration, you will get what you feel that you think you deserve...So think positive, know yourself and what you want in your life and be patient the right person will come along, don't be afraid to be on your own, you can learn alot about yourself and what your want when you don't have the distractions of people who are not worthy of your uniquiness.

  • brookenicole84,

    hi, i have read some of your other postings...i was going to give you some thoughts, but after reading what Holyhighhopes wrote....i have nothing to add but...be true to yourself...

    love and light

    @Holyhighhopes, beautifully written, i also got some great incite from your post..i believe there is always a message for others in someone Else's question:) .thank you

    love and light


  • thank you very much.. Sometimes i get into a negative hole and i have to talk myself back out.. i'm getting better at that.. how else can i work on positive thinking?

  • Surround yourself with positive things; friends, family, items, whatever means "positivity" to you. Meditation can help teach you how to control your mind rather than let your mind control you. Try some affirmations. But above all else, just keep thinking positive thoughts.

    Easier said than done I know, from personal experience. Especially since it's like adding water to a cup of tea, one drop at a time - you won't notice any change for a while, but keep adding those drops.

    Love & light


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