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  • Hello, I am a bit new. On here for a few weeks. Iposted on the psychic tab but no response. I am not very long term experienced with much of this stuff other than numerology. I am interested in having an assessment done. I am now in NY just came up from South Carolina. I am single unemployed..starting completly new. My first concern is finance and career. I am pending on unemployment waiting to get my answer...I am unsure of anything here; just all is in the air. Can anyone see to a reading to spark hope or insight. I do have learners tarot and numerology intelligence. I would be willing to give readings with.

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  • Sorry your post got hit with the spammer that frequents the site every weekend. I am writting mostly to bump your post back up for a reader.

    But will say, since you are starting over from scratch, there is a bit of a waiting cycle for the universe to catch up with you. Hold on to your higher thoughts and believe this fresh start will prompt new wonderful beginings to you. Also, Mercury is still in retrograde for the next few days and is sort of a reboot for those fresh new energies. So keep up the good positive thoughts and allow for the best to come.

    Blessings and Light!

  • Thank you kindly

  • A General reading you have been dealing with "red=tape" as I saw you with red tape on your mouth.....but it showed a scene of 7 pentacles........yeah its coming; you will get unemployment..a job.not till late summer early fall.....7cups...yes and you have many choices concerning your overall grounding..that can be tuff; what do I choose. Life is choice and choices are the life you build; better be wise....

    two pentacles...opportunities come in as you must go with the flow and have faith in the future; I know its hard to have things in the have stable patient with all else:) Try not ot force.

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