Should i??

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  • LeoLadyLove~~ Woa girl...slow down...I'm a male Scorpio and you cannot judge the bunch by a bad apple....why didnt you get out when you saw the first problem??? that seems to be the MAJOR ISSUE one gets out....dont scare this make it sound like all Scorpios are monsters..I admit we are bad ass !!! but where not bad.....everyone has issues...leogal has made some mistakes as well...let me tell you, I dated a young leo who was as beautiful as a model , yeah, she sould have been in an Alfred Hitchcock movie....I think she was the zombie on Night of the Living Freakin Dead...LOL...I dated an older Leo and she was sweet and we did well for 3, it aint Scorpios all the time....

  • @TruePhoenix

    " why didnt you get out when you saw the first problem???"

    • lets see.. i didn't get out because i thought i was in love and could change him and his ways... i was young and niave...

    Your absolutely right!! i can not judge the bunch by a bad apple and i must admit that he was the only Scorpio i ever dated but after that experience who would take another chance!! LOL! It's not Scorpios all the time... Leo woman can be controlling and get crazy at times!! 🙂

    In reality you can not dictate relationships by zodiac signs, i just shared my experience with a Scorpio Man being a Leo Lady...

    I am not trying to scare this girl, just sharing my experience with her so she can always be aware.

  • Leo Lady~ Thanks and I understand and I'm sorry you had such a bad marriage. It seems many do and not just with Scorpios. I know you're not scaring LeoGal just cautioning her. I agree with you that you cant dictate relationship outcomes based on astrology, thats for sure. I was married to an Aqurius for 12 years and we are the worst compatable, and we still care for each other, go figure. I'm sure you leanred you lesson but its not the signs of astrology we should worry about, its the signs of problems in childhood.....

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  • OMG 5 pages long. The guy asked you quite clearly to leave him alone. Why can't you just do that?

    xtaurus practical question

    ps I agree, starsigns do not determine relationships

  • @paddifluff--I too do..but what about the time we have spent together,the love we shared??

    is it that easy to forget a guy and leave him alone??

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