Should i??

  • leogal~ Text him and say hello and that you miss him...apologize and tell him you'd really thinking things over and especially the way you've been acting...tell him that you do love him because you miss him..and having him in your life is better than not having him in it...tell him that you're going to change by not arguing and not trusting him...tell him you're sorry for pushing him away and ask him to forgive you...tell him to be safe, and that you're thinking of him..and that you're here waiting for him...ok...just that part for now...what you want is a reply...ok...thats what you're after...a reply...a reply means, he got now, like the fishing analogy, you wait !!! for his reply....when he replies...ask him if he will help you understand what you're doing wrong...ask him, if he will help you be a better lawyer, because you need him...then finish with...I love you, leogirl !!! start thinking about the things you were doing wrong, like the arguing and pushing him away...IF HE RESPONDS..HE LOVES dont screw it up....if he responds, come back here and let me know what happened....Good Luck

  • leogirl~ text him firsth thing in the morning...this will give him time to digest it...hopefully he has an off day be ready....

  • i couldn't text him first thing in the morning because his morning stars at 6am,and mine 11a.m but yes,i decided to text him the first thing at night,so that he gets the time to think..i wrote quite a long text as per your lets hope for the best because i am even doubtful that he will even reply or not..i am just not sure,regarding that..infact quite pessimist about it even i dont know wether he has his cell-phone switched on or not..i even feel that aftr sending the message,i will message coming as "sending failed"...

  • leogal~ I can see where you have trouble. Do you always doubt what you just did? My advice is to work on that, feel confident. Leogal, theres nothing you can do right now. You have shown him that you love him and you want him back. Unfortunatly, we do not have the power to change someone's will. But I gaurantee you, he did not turn it off. In fact, it may have floored him to read what you wrote. Now, sit still and do nothing, this is the waiting part. The hard part. My advice and everyone on here would agree, now let it go...because we all know, and I'm guilty of this to, that when we hold something close and try and make things happen, it never does until you let it go. Then, when you least expect it, bam !!!! Take this time to work on you. Think of some things that you do that you need to work on. Stop controlling. You thought of so many things that would cause a problem. You're message will not come back:undeliverable" went through...he wants to hear form you. Now don't panic if you hear nothing. You do nothing accpet start to live your life. If you do lose him, and I doubt it, but if you do, learn from this, because you lost a good man where you could have kept him. Where he is now, he is learning about the important things in life, I gaurantee you, he's not playing any silly games. So you need to start growing up and be a strong woman, one who is there for her man, be that woman that compliemts a man. Where the 2 of you are strong and in love. I feel, he will be very good for you. Start to work on your confidence and be positve not pessimistic. I will check back here later. Good luck..

  • gosh!what do i tell this guy..!he replied immediately after i sent him a text,telling about his result about which i asked and to tell that forget me,there is no future with me..i said,"fine i don't care about future..i want the present.."..then he said i am still here,i will try to meet you once..i said ok.."but can i get a "i love you",i has been long you have not said so..if you still feel it,can i hear it from you.."..suddenly he said,"i don't..its over..byee"..then i said,"what happened suddenly?"..he is like,"bye..its my last message..leave me alone"..then i said,"just listen to me once"..he is like,"i left you..accept it..bye..this is my last warning.."..i then said that,"do you find all this a joke..i want a proper reason for whatever is happening.." reply..

    why are scorpions so unpredictable??

    what should i do??

  • text conversation between us:-

    I-(whatever you asked me to write)

    HE-results were n't that good..foget know you have no future with me

    I-i don't need a future..i want a picture-perfect present..which only i can have with you..

    HE-i did n't go on sailing this month..i will be going in december..but i will meet you once when i am in your town.. you just tell me a "i love you"..i missed it so much in this 3months..tell me if u really feel it still..

    HE-i dont..its over..bye..

    I-what happened suddenly..

    HE-bye..its my last message..leave me alone..

    I-just listen to me once..

    HE-i left you..accept it..its my last warning..

    I-do you find this all a joke..i want a proper reasoning for whatever is happening!

    No reply..

    please help..

  • leogal~ It's ok, dont panic..He texted you right away, no matter what happened, its a good thing. Remember be and stay positive. The results were good, he texted you. Now, just be patient. Let him digest this. He wants to see you, but you pushed him !!! You panic easy. When he said I will be in your town to meet you, you should have made arrangements, where , when etc...why ask him if he loves you, he does, you dont need confirmation, it pushes him away. Acceot where he's at..not try and make things the way they were. So chill out !!! He suddenly said bye because you may have pushed....STOP doing this. Now, leave this alone until Thursday, let at least 5 days go by. On Thursday if you havent heard anything, text him asking if he will be in town for Thanksgiving? then, ask him that you would like to meet him when he's in town, just let you know. Say you look forward to seeing him. Dont panic and dont push..He needs time to think and to miss you...If I was you, Id be excited, but you really need to stop controlling and asking for immediate results to ease your pain and feelings...youre pushing him away. He knows how to react to upset you...this needs to let him think...dont do anything...the next time time he texts you, if it comes before Thursday, dont text him right away....ok??? you must let him come to you...on his, when he texts you...this is what you want....I though t all you woman knew all this stuff....leogal~ chill out and breath.....let it go for now...ok....

  • look he cares for you need to get him to come to you...and how you do that is silence....when he texts, dont answer right away...let him wonder what you're doing....Try and RESTRAIN want immediate answers and it's probably scarring him half to death...stop being a crazy woman...youre not going to lose him..Scorpios are loyal...I'm still loyal to woman Ive known in the my mind, nothing changes....and he proposed to you..and he's not the one acting're pushing him away...then you said"do you find this a joke"...dont do got mad and he said bye to stop another least he said right now...text him and say I LOVE YOU...Thats it...and then silence until Thursday.....OK ???

  • i know..actually,we leos always wants that verbal declaration of love and so do i and i messed up things..gosh!he is right..i am stil so damn immature..i never got things right..i dont understand when unknowingly i lead things to argument!

    anyways,as you have said i will send him a "i love you" today night..

    but am i being a stalker,as my friends are telling that i am??i thought of asking you..

  • leogal~ no, your not a stalker..I dont think you can be classified as a stalker via're just in love, possessive, very needy, maybe a little imature as you said....I think theres more to you than being do lead things to an argument...and leogal, if you dont get a handle on this, your going to make your life miserable...youknow, you had this guy, in the palm of your hands, and you lost him for now...he propoaed to you right?? so what happened? it doesnt matter....this is how you can get him back...You need to need to stop arguing and possessng...let go...and he will come to letting go you need to stay silent for a while...let him think about you being silent, he might think that something is different, maybe you found someone....let him feel that...let him miss stay silent, dont do anything...wait until later this week...then text, if he text you before then...dont reply right away...control your him that you care for him....and you deserve fr him to show you that he cares for you...that means you dont ask any questions...let him pursuit you....ok? if he texts, you want tot know if you can see him on Thanksgiving...if he cant..LET IT questions...then just say...let me know when your in town and maybe e can hook up...I would love to see you...See..he knows how you feel...he thats, back off...let him come to you...why dont you let him come after do you feel when I guy comes on real strong to get away, right?? well already have history, so no let that history work for you...dont be a possessive B..I...T...C...H ! anyman will run from loving, caring and patient....

  • leogal~ one more thing..and I want you to do this...think about all the good qualities that you do have...think about what he loves about you and start making those qualities shine again...I think you need to focus on and not allow your weak and poor qualities, like arguing amd possessing to control need to stop those thing or you will lose him....think about whn you both met and what it was that sparked your love for each other...what was it about you that he loved...bring that out !! He wants that person again but you keep giving him your alter ego....ok ??

  • ya i guess i got it..i will try and do that..can i ask you another very important question about scorpions??

    what does being physical witha girl mean to a scorpio??

    sorry,i was hessitant to ask at first but now i guess its time to remove my biggest doubt..

  • Well it means everything. Intimacy in all its phases, kissing, hugging, holding hands, touching, sex..each is very imprtant because it's so you know how deep our emotions go? just read the astrology profile..we are the most reach the deepest emotion is through sex...nothing if he loves you, if he proposed to you, then you fulfilled many of these intimate phases...but remembr something very important...Scorpios dont share that will many or even a few woman....we like to find that one special woman who will fullfill this...because let me tell you right now...if you try and satisfy our sexual desire and will most definatly be satisfied as well....Scorpios cherish this with a tell me, honestly, what is your biigest fear and doubt???? really try and tell me and help me understand....a woman confused scares a man sometimes....if this is to personal we can email...your choice....just start to look at you....

  • leogal~ something else, did anything happen to you when you were younger that hurt you or broke your seem unable to trust him..or yourself and your showing signs of abandonment, thats why you reach out and argue and thats why it hurts're obviously smart if you're studying there a reason you are studying law, like a personal have some behavior issues that you need to address...but in order to do so, you first must identify them and acknowledge them....Doug

  • can you giv me your email address??i will email you my whole story then you yourself look into the matter...

    and no,nothing happened whw=en i was young,its just i am confused..

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Leo gal..I left my email here for you but they took it let me know if you got it or you didnt...we have to be clever let me know..

  • ya ok,i got it..i will mail you evrything tomorrow..


    I was married to a scorpio man for 13 years and i gave him 4 children and i will tell you that i loved him more than anything in this world. But he wanted to control my life in every way. I couldn't have friends, i couldn't dress the way i wanted to.. i couldnt do my hair or nails.. it was crazy!! To the point were i couldnt even see my family. He was soooo jealous and became so possessive and controlling and when i stood up to him he became very abusive to me. Mentally and Physically. All we every did was argue, argue and argue...the only time we didnt argue was when we were having sex. The passion and sex was incredible and i know he loved me somewhere in that heart of his very much but his own insecurities drove me to finally take my kids and leave him forever...

    They will try to brake you in every way... mentally by making you think your not good enough, making you feel like crap, etc. thats when your self esteem starts to go down and i swear he just loved it that he had such control over me.... but always remember you are a strong woman and a LEO at that and you are worth more than he can ever give you!!

    I would seriously think about having a relationship with a scorpio man. Leo woman are very stubborn and we can also be very jealous and they will bring that out in us. I always hated that feeling and after this really bad relationship i swore i would never be with a man that makes me feel that way!!

    We love to be the center of attention, we love to dress up and look beautiful all the time...

    You want to make him go crazy for you!!! let him think you've found someone else or that you've moved on and just ignore his A**...dont text or email no communication at all and he will come to you and this is when you will have the upper hand.

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