Should i??

  • i am a leo girl in love with a scorpion guy..we are not talking for about a month or so because he wanted a break up..but on 31st,his birthday is coming up..should i wish him ???

    and my another problem is in this 1 month or whatever time-period,quite a few class-mates of his approached me on a social networking site,even wanted to meet what should i do??

    PLEASE help!

  • Leogirl~Scorpio male here who dated a Leo girl for 3 years...what happened that caused the break up?? thats the first honest and detailed...

  • If you broke up because that's what he wanted, then NO you should not send him birthday greetings. Do what you want with regard to other men instead of making your decisions based on what this other guy might think or want - he broke up with you so it should not matter.

  • @truephoenix--the reason behind our break up is he is marine and he was about to leave for abroad for about he asked me not to contact me anymore because the urge to meet will increase and we both will lose our control..he said that its better that i forget him..just that..

    @watergirl18--i guess there is a difference between "it SHOULD N'T" nd it does..and now i am hanging somewhere in between because i am madly in love with my scorpion guy and would even want him back in my life..

  • leogal~ Don't you realize he's beingunselfish and thinking of you..I was in the Air Force for 8 years. H'e probably heard so many stories and is worried eother something will happen to him, or you might meet someone and he couldnt handle that where he is going. Tell him you love him. that you will be there for him and that you need to hear from him, either cell calls, emails or letters...make him promise you.....once the promise is made, he wont break it..

  • @truePhoenix--ya may be..and as far as i know him,i too feel the same..the problem with him is he thinks i will fall for another guy by the time he comes back and he can't handle that..he has several times spoke to me about his this fear but i always tried to assure him that i WILL b there for him always..but somehow,i just could not remove it from his mind completely..and now thats what is coming out..!!

    its not the first time we have broken up..everytime we fight we say "bye forever" to each ther and i literally never contacted him back first because of my somewhat bigg ego..its he who always texts and starts talking..i thought may b this time also he will come back when he will miss me..he dint contact back..

    you know,everyone alwaystold me that he does not love you and stuff like that..i trusted him,my inner voice..i really don't want to lose him..please tell me something by which i can stop him from going away..make him understand that i love him..he is that typical scorpion..

  • @leogal~ of course you trust him, theres no one more loyal....see what happens when you keep breaking up..eventually it can really happen...The best way to do this is there for him...make sure you know how to contact him...then when he's gone, make sure you do it regularly..he will look forward to either email or letters..then wait for him to call you....I gaurantee you, if you do this right, he will miss you so much. It will be the combination of going somewhere alone, far away, and, there will be many other guys with him that are either married or love that special someone. This will grow on him.. try and be there when he leaves, see him off if you that last person he see's when he goes and then hammer it home with a beautiful picture of you, not on the phone but a 4x6 so he can keep it in hic pocket. Is he going to basic training? he is new to the Marines? Contrary to belief, arguments sometime makes a relationship stronger...when you good bye and if you really love that person, you didnt mean it and you come back...Tonights his birthday, text him...say happy birthday then wait.....dont say you miss him or tug on him...just wait for him...LEO's are more straight forward then a Scorpio...theres alot of internal emotions going on under the surface...let him be...he will be there for you....let me know what happens...good you both..

  • leogal~ another thing..when Scorpios make up their mind..they go along with it, they let the stronger emotional momentum carry them onward but eventually when that emotion wares off, they see things at a different point of view...thats why, dont push him...let his intense emotions ware off..stay you are good thing I loved about the Leo I dated was her consistency...stay that way with him...this time, when he comes on your problems together...there is no one like a Scorpio that once you make an agreement, he will stick with it to the core...and if he's a Marine, then his word is steel...

  • ya,i wished him yesterday but with a long letter..i know i have told too many things together at a time to him but i just could not stop myself..i kept fighting with myself for last 1 and a half month that i won't contact,will forget him but it was just imposible for me..he has already gone for his training and i could n't even wish him "bye" which really did piss me off.. i expected him to atleast let me know when he is leaving but he is so arrogant that he did not even do that and somehow i gave out all my anger,all my frustrations in that letter..i even said that its my LAST letter to him expecting him to melt a bit but sadly he didn't reply..i don't push him at all ever..this time also i let him be his way for so many days but then now its becoming unbearable for me....should i text him now after i have told him that its my last letter and stuff???

    i just can't understand that why this guy who once used to listen to all my rubbish paitiently,usdrstood me before i could say anything, just turn into aq arrogant lad????

    do you think i should still mail him and try and contact him??

  • @TruePhoenix--i am still sticking to that only..there were so many promises which he did to me..i just dont want to see them break..there is every possible thing i am doing to just get back my normal relation..praying like hell,taking up advices,throwing away my ego,what else???

  • leogal~ you obvioulsy care for this guy....just chill a few disnt answer my he going to basic training or is he being deployed somewhere...let him think this over...first, he's on a mission, so he can easily keep this out of his mind, temporarily. Yes, I would text him Saturday and say that you were sorry you missed him and that you wanted to say good bye....end it with, I'm here if you want to text me...and then chill....have you ever fished??? its like baiting your line and then dropping it in the water and waiting for a fish to bite....sometimes its alot like just wait...dont freak out and dont panic, he doesnt need need to be strong and start acting like it...trsut night, when he goes to sleep, he will think about give him time to come to you...when he does, apologize for that letter and tell him you were afraid that you would never see him again and that just petrified you....once he calls or texts you...once he replies, your back....

  • Yes,he is very new to marines..infact this is his first sail abroad..he is still college student their last year in college,theys get placements from different ship company and those companies take them for training for 6months,based on which marks will b given in one of the exams..

    so,do you want to tell me that i should text him further saying "good-bye"??..

    no,i have never been on fishing so did not quite get your advice..

    so,would you explain it to me again??

  • leogal~ Never mind about the "fishing" anology. Tell me exactly what ahppened 2 days before he left. Where do you stand right now? what was the last thing he said to you and what was the last thing you said to him? did you talk, text or email..this is all very important. Doug

  • when we used to be in a steady relationship,we used to fight a lot,with reason and even without when in july he had his exams and we had one such fight just before his last exam..he was angry so he did not reply to my texts..i was angry so i sent one of his batch-mate a request on a social networking site..merely just out of anger..then he did not contact me for 20 days or so while he was out of town..finally he contacted me,and asked me to meet him immediately because he is in town for one day..we had a good time together..then we even talked through text messages while though he was out of town again..but,dont know why,sudenly he said,"its better we break up..bye forever..i did not reply to him then..24days later i replied saying whats the problem??we can atleast be friends..he said no,this would worsen matters and if we keep talking,the urge to meet will increase which is probably its better we break up..anyways after 6months you will forget me and find someone better..and so its better,dont contact me now..i did not contact him after that for over 1 month..then on his birthday i wished him on a social networking site and told him things like "see if you dont love me,you can tell me..why are you doing all this??its not that i am angry on you..i am just hurt..not because you left but because you feel i am so unimportant that you dint even care to inform me before leaving??and this 6months forgeting thing applies to you,not were the one,you are one and you will always be the one..its you who forgot me completely..anyways let it be the way you want..@ll the best for whatever you do in life..and take care of yourself forever..and one more thing,i feel very lonly without you..bye.."

    he replied to me today morning through text that "thanks for your are looking good in your profile picture..this is my last message to you..bye"

    what should i do or tell him now??please help..

  • leogal~ Hi...I dated 2 Leo's and they were very diffrent, the younger one I dated sounds like you, a little strong headed. We really had a strong connection but man could she piss me off. Just like you two. I would suggets something here and you should take it to heart. I know you love him, and I know he loves you. You need to be careful what you say if you want him back, and that means from now on. Stop fighting him. I loved this girl, this Leo, but man she could argue, and push me away. That was last year, we were texting but she's way too argumentive and loving, but she isnt getting it. I decided to move on, and I told her to stop, no more text, though I didnt want that, and neither did she but she wasnt getting it and to me, it was the best thing to do. Though, I didnt want to lose her and I wanted to work on us. My point is this. You cabn get him back if you show that you love him, nothing dont say...I love you, but you were the one na, na, na, know....stop defending yourself, do always need to be right??? let that part go....No man wants to always argue...just shut up !!! Sorry...but I think he knows where he's at...He loves you leogal...because he wants the best for you...if its not him, he's saying, then I want her to find a guy that she doesnt always argue with...he's sacrificng himself for you..because he must thinking it because of me that she always it me that we always fight...then I should leave..I did the same thing...I was more angryu at this Leo because she was busy defending herself that she didnt know what she had in fron of her...every self respecting guy just wants a woman to love and adore him...then it come back to her in spades.....Text him and apologize, tell him you've been thinking of all your misunderstandings, let him know alot was your fault, but that you love him so much and want him in your life that you're going to work on it...then ask him..VERY IMPORTANT...ask him what HE THINKS you need to work on and...and...what bothers him most.....tell him that you dont want another man because he is the only one...I wanted so much for her to tell me that...she was like, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS !! you texted him on the 31st and he replied today...see I told you...he replied, thats the main thing, it doesnt matter what he said...NOW...wait until Saturday, he's probably off for the day...send him what I told you and finish with this..that you've been selfish and that you want to be there for him while he's away...tell him you care for him and worry about him...and that you should and want to be more supportive....tell him to think about it...tell him you love him...and to be safe...and, that yopu're here waiting whenever he wants to say hello...and tell him, you want to know what he's it exciting etc..etc....say goodbye...and leave your name...dont say bye...say bye for now...LeoGal...

  • i gues you are absolutely right about me..i am a law student..somehow,arguments come to me instantaneously..everytime,he used to tell me "no arguments",i used to argue even more..may be thats my fault..i just can't keep shut even if i want to..thats what always bought a divide between us..i expected too much and then fought iver it..i guess i will do exactly the way you ask me to do because i know mine own method spoil the matter than to better the situation..there were several immatured things i did in this relationship..

    trust me, i am just irritated of hearing my friends say that he doesnot love,or never loved me..i am clinging on to him..he used me as a "timepass" etc etc..its so frustrating at times..i just don't want my trust to break down and to lose a guy everyone i wont say i would die without him but without him in my life,something very important inside me would die..

  • leogal~ why dont you try 2 things here...first, dont argue out of stubborness..or to sharpen your leagle skills...dont ever use a Scorpio...instead, tell him that you would like him to help you learn to argue..because if there ever was a great and natural attorney, it's the Scorpio..our instincts are sharp, and we can go deep and point out weaknesses like no other...thats why you have trouble dont need to argue with the most intensive and defensive sign in the, to gain his trust and to make it playful, say this...that you were sorry for all the stupid arguments and he will be the first to see your feelings and tell that its ok...but tell him that you want to be an attorney and if he could help you to be better at arguing a cause or point...then you his need to stop arguing at home and with the person you throws up all the wrong signals...we dont like to argue, it's draining on us..because all out intense emotions surface and we, stop hurting him and stop hurting you understand...your friends are protecting you by putting him down, but since you know better, then that tells me that you argued for no reasons but out of being stubborn and you pushed him away....your going to be a lawyet, you need a strong and smart man in your life who understands what law means..he's out there right now protecting all our rights under the Constitution...another hint...dont bring your work home...unless he shares the cases with you....and if you share them together, it will bring you closer than you can ever imagine....Leogal ~ realtionships are about coming closer, opening up your heart and isnt about shutting him out and fighting...who the hell wants that..and no man wants it no matter who the girl can be the prettiest, sexiest, richest...and give the best oral...and doesnt matter.....after a while, its all old...dont turn old when your young....go get him, love him, get married, have a career and a marriage....

  • thats actualy the problem,i am not pretty or sexy at all,in fact quite horrible..still nowadays guys like me,before when he proposed me,guys never looked at me..he got a lot of critisism against me for making a girl like me,his girlfriend when he is quite good-looking and there are quite a few girls who are much better than me,who like him..then now i have changed a lot look-wise..but yes,after he proposed,i had that grateful behavior for some days but then i started i gues taking him for granted..i gues at home also i have so many problems because i argue so much..ya may be you are the way,is it normal of scorpions to flirt around??

  • leo-girl~ it seems you need to take a long hard look at yourself...if you argue, and if you're anything like this leo girl I dated, then you really need to step back, or you will lose him...Like I said, I dated 2 Leo's, the other who was much morre mature, we got along great....never ever did she argue...thats wahere you need to one likes arguing, theres nothing worse than a smart attractive girl who picks a fight at home...the leo I dated who fought all the time, we had so many wonderful a Scorpio, this means so much...planning your future with someone...but ehn, when that same person who has your heart, is screaming in your face for something really stupid, well then, you start to doubt all the promises...and look for a way to get out...he got through the Marines..and you're left alone need to seriously start to look at controlling your behavior...if you want...and behonest...tell me the behavior that you do that is really bad, even for you....Scorpios naturally flirt...we are charismatic, we do, because the attarction is there...but, Scorpios usually dont flirt to danger with too many woman....we are private and we never want to reveal our provacy and deep secrets to too many woman...its to confusing and our secrets are we only select that one person...for him, thats you! now, what are you going to do about it???.

  • yes now i think i am getting it..for last four mnths i kept thinking that why the more i did for him,for this relation,the more he moved away from me..i kept wondering and when i got no answer,i kept texting him things like,"i know you hav found someone never loved just used just needed a girl" etc etc..he never replied and i used to text him even more rubbish..still when he did not reply,i too used to stop know i used to wonder that this was the same guy,who is so serios about his career and studies,bunked classes to meet me,missed the cricket world cup inaugration ceremony for which he was so excited just because i asked him to stay back a bit longer,took me out on a date on valentines' day even after having high fever,going out with my friends only because i wanted; can change so much thdt suddenly he stopped talking to me that much,frequent meets turned into hardly meeting once a month etc etc..bnut i never thought it this way..i always made him guilty and thus told him many things..

    yes truephoenix,i really want him back in my life not because i am desperate or frustrated about him but just that i love him..i remain happiest with him..i even love being scolded by him..he is the only one who always understood me,took me away from my lonliness..

    and yes,he too used to flirt a lot..infact when he proposed he said something like this,"i can't leave flirting,but yes,i will always be honest" and it was he only who told me everything about his life,his family,his ex-crushes,ex-girlfriends,his deepest fear..infact there were times when he even asked me to text back the girl with whom he is flirting on his behalf from his phone and i even did so..i never stopped him but then he himself stopped with every girl he flirted after a certain point..

    and yes,i want to change myself and so today i swear on him(the person i love the most) that i will change my behavior if not for anyone but for him genuiinely because i don't wanna lose him..

    but till then i desparately need your help regarding what i should exactly write which will better the matters instead of worsening them..i want to save my relation in every possible way i can,rest i would leave on God to,please suggest me what i should exatly write tomorrow..

    please help..

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