Telekinesis, Have it?

  • Hi,

    Is any one telekinetic?

    If so are you willing to share how you emotional feel when you experience telekinesis?

    If so I'd appreciate it.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi Sekhmet,

    telekenesis to me is like the reading of someones mind.

    It happens for me with some people. It's like a soul reaching out to another.

    In crowded places it's as if there's a need to communicate more privately with that person/s.

    Some people reach out and don't realize it though which makes it difficult to approach them, like they want to talk but cannot say what they really want to. Sometimes it is a personal attraction and at others it's for help of some kind.

    I get people talking to me in my dreams, people who are living. Often within a few days i will meet that person and i know why they've been brought into my life at that moment.

    Sometimes it's for help i've been asking for too so it works both ways.

    It can be a little embarrassing because at times i will '' hear'' a persons thoughts so clearly i answer them and then they look at me strangely because they haven't actually said it out loud.

    It can catch you unawares if you're out enjoying yourself and not thinking about spiritual work.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi


    Love ya.

    I understand what you have written. I really can relate. 🙂

    I'm talking about ones ability to move things with out physically touching them.

    I'm talking about when MY emotions are boiling. Lights turn on without being switched on. I've touched the PC when I was stressing turned out a capacitor burned out on the mother board. When I 'm upset driving the alternator gets blown.

    Teleknisis is about electromagnetic fields in everything and ones ability to control objects with out touching them, only using your mind. So, I want to learn how to control it. I know when I am truly emotional regardless of the emotion. I cause an electromagnetic disturbance in the electronic things near me. I want to tap into those STRONG emotions and control it. But the down is right now. I have to be really hot about something. It nearly makes me ill. Like the pain of a heart attack or something its strong It only happens at that point..

    So, every one says mediate I will start this week with simple breathing exercise. Maybe some can find it this way. But experience is showing me only super strong emotions allow this to happen. How do you combined peaceful mediation with strong emotions? Its like there on the opposite ends from each other.

    Hey if wanna chat I have long distance.

    Hope your day was good.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi SekhmetGoddess,

    My Dad thinks everyone should be telekinetic, it is just unlocking the pathway. He inadvertently stops watches and has to walk on rubber as he generates so much static electricity he actually throws people across a room if he gets grounded. He also interferes with PC's and we both pick up on the electric field given out by Electric Pylons.

    The other one of many wierd things is his eyeballs generate so much heat they actually distort contact lenses. He is under study at moorfield eye hospital (UK) for this. Possibly part of being a healer as we conduct energy???

    Keep trying myself but never managed it

    Your unconscious mind possibly taps into it easier than your conscious. As you progress up the planes of existence the matter gets finer and finer - it could be that matter is easier to manipulate on other planes. The ones here on earth have so many negative thoughts, and heavier matter to contend with that it takes time for us to tune in.

  • Hi,


    Well it's kinda nice to know I'm not the only one around that this strange phenomena occurs with. If you don't mind me asking can your dad control it? And if so did explain how? And would you be willing to share with me how? Because, I do not want to break anything else when my emotions are upset. And if this can be used to heal, how does that work?

    The new thing I noticed is that when some thing touches my heart the light bulbs begin to flicker and burn much more brightly. I really don't want to start burning out the bulbs. Which of course when my emotions begin to cool back down this phenomena stops, it all stops.

    Thanks for sharing with me.

    Peace and Unity

  • He is still learning to control it. Trouble is he has stopped doing healing for a couple of years now and it builds up in him. I think healing was a way of chanelling the energy, fosussing it on something positive.

    We are both working though meditation exercises. I used to do Reflexology and Massage as a way of expelling my energy - building up to this again.

    Be interested to hear more. I do think there are more unique things going on in life them a lot af people freely admit to. It is just a lot of people don't see the full wonders of life as they don't have their eyes open. Keep your eye and mind open to all the possibiliies x

  • Hi Sekhmet and Piscespiggy,

    I have to be honest and say i haven't experienced this at all.

    I'm a healer too but in my case, almost everyone i came into contact with actually drained me of energy to the point where i couldn't function properly.

    It was only when i found out what it was that i learned how to protect myself using an energy field/force around me. I believe it is known as magnetic healing, like the giving of my own energy. Like a battery cell. 🙂

    I've always been actively working in the public sector and then socialising too so that could be where i burned off excess energy when i was stressed. I would go out power walking or disco dancing or even the gym, anything which used up energy so by the time i arrived home i was calm again emotionally. I'm no fitness freak but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    When you first try meditating, use music to calm you down. Not too loud but soothing.

    I used to run myself a bath, put in a few drops of lavender oil with my favourite bathsoak and listen to my music. Water sounds are great.

    Before you know it you're calm enough to relax your mind and let your thoughts drift.

    That really is meditation is all about. It doesn't have to be a ritualistic thing.

    Once you get used to doing it, then is the time to set a specific time to one side and ask your guides to join you. One at a time.

    Love you too

    Verdana 😉

    ps. been busy over the holiday weekend. Hope you're ok Sekhmet.

  • Hi


    Yes, I get drained also. This is like when your emotions are strong, joy, sorrow, anger, what ever as long as your feeling really worked up about it. I can be down or drained and some thing gets me to a strong emotion and I'm wound up like a top. I have energy to burn. It's all about how to focus that super strong emotions on an object than you have an ability to move it. In my case untrained and uncontrolled. Well, I have notice that I screw up electronics.

    PS' I have long distance or we can email I'm on Hi5 as SekhmetGoddess." I'd like to share some thing with you regarding one of your older posts to me."

    Peace and Unity

  • I dunno why the word I wrote was starred out. Gezz! What's up w/ there program? I damage electronics.

    Peace and Unity

  • This post is deleted!

  • Have you tried crystal healing?

  • Hi 3xscorp,

    I used to do crystal healing for myself when i went through the necessary changes while adapting my consciousness and coming to terms with my gifts as a psychic / medium.

    I tried just about every known aspect of self healing while drawing on my own inner resources, they were a tremendous help. I believe the reason i had to try these things / tools was so that i would be better equipped to help others going through the same experiences now. I'm not afraid to tell anyone about my previous experiences no matter how fearful or beautiful or just plain hard work to deal with they were.

    Truth is, i actually made life more difficult for myself because i'm an independent, stubborn and sometimes not trusting of the spirits enough kind of person. When i give in and give it to them, my life is much simpler.

    I started a topic on crystals a while ago for those who work with crystals to post their experiences and help those learning to how to use them what to do with them. Take a look at it, you might like to add something useful.

    Blessings to you,

    Verdana 🙂

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