Can I get advice from a Cancer man pleeease

  • I need some advice from a cancer man.. I am a typical libra female. Sun in cancer moon in leo venus leo... I am a little confused on this cancer male. His bday is june 26. I'm 4 years older than him. He is in another state in college about to graduate this may. We met when he was home for christmas break. At first he was always the one to initiate texts. I didnt really take him serious because he is so attractive I just assumed he was a player. We have been kinda talking on and off since then but only recently been hanging out. He has been coming home every weekend for the past month and we have been spending some time together. This past weekend he was home we were talking about where he's gonna live when he is done. He was saying about where I live is so dead and how its funny that i wanted to know if hed live here. I said about that putting a damper on my mood and he just said something about the only reason he'd come here was for me and if i could find him a job somewhere.. I just kinda shrugged that off. So we spent wednesday night together and friday night together then I had my son saturday which i didnt introduce him to yet because i am only trying to introduce serious relationships to my child. We talked through facebook tho most of the day and sunday we talked most of the day. He wasnt able to use his car and i was cooking he kept sayin he was hungry (which now when i think about it maybe he wanted an invite but his car wasnt working and i didnt want to pick him up) .. then monday nothing didnt talk to me at all then tuesday i had to initate communication and he was kinda short with me .. i asked him if he was still in my state and he didnt answer so i said alright then and i got offline.. maybe i just have a bad attitude but i was getting the feeling he was playing games with me. so when i got home i saw he put lol that he was back in his state he had a job interview so i called him but he didnt answer and now today nothing again. wtf? i dont think i did anything to push him away or did i? any advice?

  • Hey Brooke,

    He sounds like just like my cancer. and go figure im a libra 2. (arent we the best), but umm i think he was testing u. The question is did he already know you were cookinfg before he told you that his car wasnt working? whatever the case it looks like he wanted to see if you were going to A send out the invitation and B offer some sort of transportation for him to get to your house. Him telling u he was hungry was something that u was suppose to pick up on. Cancer being indirect and us libras who love directness is really annoying. My guess is that he is still stuck on the issue of the whole sunday dinner thing and he is still upset about it. If u want to talk to him text him and tell him hey i have this feeling that ur upset about the whole dinner thing and when hes ready yall can talk about it. He might contact you back and says hes not mad and act like nothing was wrong but im telling u. u hit the head of the nail on it. That would be his way of saying "good now u know im mad about it and thanks for apologizing" ...when u get a chance read my posting (i warn u it long)

  • U kno i did joke around and tell him to call a cab and he put that me and my friend were selfish with a lol.. i wonder now if he took that to heart haha.. i dont know if i even want to bring it up or just wait till he contacts me or what.... i read your story.. im sorry to hear that...

  • i didnt feel like i needed to invite him i'd assume he knew he was always welcome to my house... i guess i have to stop assuming.. i think i'm gonna wait until monday to see if he contacts me and if not then i'll say something to him.

  • cancers take everything to heart especially when its about them. and as for my story is more to that then i actually wrote. im just tired of him the drama, and the inconsistency all together. waste of 2 years!

    As for the invite...even tho he may know that he can come to ur house and is always welcomed...he needed to be reassured of it.

  • So I talked to him n he told me he's just stressed about school. N his family that I didn't do anything to trust him. So well see

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