A question please

  • Just curious about my living situation. Im wondering where it is im going to end up when i get out of here? Also with it be with my boyfriend?

    Thanks to all who reply.

    (date of birth 02/06/1986)


  • Where do you want to go and what is your living situation?

  • And what is his birthdate?

  • Id like to go back closer to where i am from. (crystal lake, lake in the hills, cary, algonquin).

    His birthdate is aug 8th 1985.

  • What is the obstacle to moving back home?

    Opposites attract in your relationship with your boyfriend who probably amazes you by the depth of feeling he arouses in you. You may not always feel adequate to handle it however. Your BF is comfortable with the relationship's sexually passionate nature but he too can feel a little intimidated and puzzled by the complexity of his own emotions. This matchup challenges you both in the area of feelings - an undeveloped area of your personalities and one that you two often prefer to neglect or ignore. In grappling with these issues, you may both progress immeasurably in your own personal development. No matter what difficulties you encounter however, the strength of your bond should be strong enough for you two to overcome problems that would stop others in their tracks. In fact, solving problems can become a way for life for you as a couple. You just have to find your real strengths and make your differences work. Try talking about your feelings and being more accepting of each other. It will help get you through the stormy times. This relationship can last for the long term if you work on your issues together and communicate freely and honestly.

  • please any insight into when i might find employment?

  • Standeb1, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page, so as not to mix up the vibes here. And give some more details about your situation.

  • Hi everybody,

    is it possible to get a reading for somebody else. this gentleman is a friend of a work mate, he asked her to pass details onto me to request since both are not use to getting readings like i am šŸ™‚ he only had general questions so anything you feel for him would be appriecated

    Name: Marcus Prasad

    DOB : 10th Jul 1978

    ā€¢ Marriage ā€“ will it ever happen and if so is it an old flame or someone new in his life?

    ā€¢ Profession ā€“ will he return to existing profession or a new career?

    ā€¢ Health ā€“ is there any major hiccups in his health and his outlook to life ā€“ are there any problems ahead?

    ā€¢ Location and travel ā€“ is there any major changes in home address?

    Emma šŸ™‚

  • Superstarem, if you want a personal reading, you must click on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of the page to start your own thread and someone will answer you there.

  • ta

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