Cancer man libra woman

  • I am a little confused on this cancer male. He is in another state in college about to graduate this may. We met when he was home for christmas break. At first he was always the one to initiate texts. I didnt really take him serious because he is so attractive I just assumed he was a player. We have been kinda talking on and off since then but only recently been hanging out. He has been coming home every weekend for the past month and we have been spending some time together. This past weekend he was home we were talking about where he's gonna live when he is done. He was saying about where I live is so dead and how its funny that i wanted to know if hed live here. I said about that putting a damper on my mood and he just said something about the only reason he'd come here was for me and if i could find him a job somewhere.. I just kinda shrugged that off. So we spent wednesday night together and friday night together then I had my son saturday which i didnt introduce him to yet because i am only trying to introduce serious relationships to my child. We talked through facebook tho most of the day and sunday we talked most of the day. He wasnt able to use his car and i was cooking he kept sayin he was hungry haha but i wasnt gonna pick him up when i had my child.. then monday nothing didnt talk to me at all then tuesday i had to initate communication and he was kinda short with me .. i asked him if he was still in my state and he didnt answer so i said alright then and i got offline.. maybe i just have a bad attitude but i was getting the feeling he was playing games with me. so when i got home i saw he put lol that he was back in his state he had a job interview so i called him but he didnt answer and now today nothing again. wtf? i dont think i did anything to push him away or did i? any advice?

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • Mine is October 1 1984 his June 26 1988

  • In love or marriage here, a powerful motivator for the two of you will be your desire for each other. Passions can run hot and intense here. At one time or another however, one of you (you Brookenicole?) is likely to serve notice on the other that if things don't start to move, you may as well quit. If the desire to continue (whether motivated by fear of loss, sexual attachment or love) is powerful enough for the other person, the relationship will usually find a way. Both of you must be prepared to compromise and to talk frankly and openly without subterfuge, evasion, or games. If this stays as a casual friendship, it will drift apart, either through neglect or by taking the relationship for granted. Warning signs, perhaps a long period of noncommunication, will alert you to the danger of losing your connection, spurring a resolve to do something about it and prevent it from happening again. Neither of you is especially big on playing the role of boss or leader in the relationship but your nurturing, caring friend generally does better at it than you. But if he won't, you must take charge and either move the relationship to another level or drop it altogether. This relationship stagnates if not given some direction and purpose, and summoning the willpower to take action requires tremendous effort and desire and grit. Fortunately, awareness can lead to negotiation and compromise. You both have to decide what you really want and go for it.

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