Any Scorpio Women trying to LOVE a CAP man?

  • Myself 11/19/88 and he 1/6/82

    In awe of the mystery that unfolds when with him, appreciating my space when given, but hate for him to take his. It feels like he needs too much space. (possessive scorp) I just need free time to write and stimulate my mind, he needs it to be an entertainer. If you haven't noticed they love to keep female friends. Not that I'm insecure, I just feel like why can't we all be friends if you all are "just friends" Knowing they will still be more his friends than my friends. I am very secretive and he is too. I don't ask questions because I don't like to get asked if you know what I mean. I have nothing to hide just hate explaining myself to people for fear I'm giving them control over me. Too much information is deadly, and being he is just as analytical as I am it feels like he's just picking me apart. One minute we are all wrapped up acting madly in love and in the blink of an eye we are just friends as far as eveyone is concerned. We are both in our twenties and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with us not wanting to put a label on our friendship calling it more or less than what it is.

    We've been seeing each other for well over a year and for him to say he has trust issues and confiding in women he seems to do pretty good job with me. Problem is scorpio gets such bad rep and he expects the worst from everyone and allows their actions to tell him otherwise. I'm used to being all or nothing. I'm trying to be patient because I've learned so much from him in this time and I just want him to see what I see. He always says I'm the only one that really listens to him and concerned with his well being and yet in still I can't seem to get a committment. We are always together but we are "just friends". It's starting to feel superficial, like only in my mind. Does true love exist or is he a figment of my imagination?

  • Well, I haven't posted on here before but when I saw your topic I knew I had to say something.

    Not only have I tried loving a Cap man... I've tried it not once, or even twice, but THREE times. The first ended after three years and a proposal. Things were great at first, but then went downhill until they crashed and burned at the end. The second man I met while I was in the relationship with the first, and while we contemplated an actual relationship, we never bothered to peruse it for a number of reasons and to this day we remain very close friends and each others closest confidants. The third I met before the second and I even thought of having a relationship and while things were hot for a short while, they fizzled out and while we are still on relatively good terms, we're not nearly as close as we appeared to be at one time.

    Reading your post I see myself now almost four years ago. In the time since I started my relationship with my first Cap and decided against the relationship with the second, I've realized one thing that is true with -all- relationships, but is -especially- true for a Scorpio/Capricorn relationship... -you BOTH must know what you want!- That way, you both can be up front from the very beginning and will know from the start whether or not you can provide for each others desires. Know what you're willing to compromise on and what your potential partner won't budge on. All or nothing, I wish I could say was a changeable aspect of the Scorpio personality but I've yet been able to accomplish it myself or meet any other Scorp (let alone a Scorp woman) who's been able to do it, and that makes this detailed knowledge very important. Learn to set the deep river of emotion aside when making your decisions, but be comfortable in the fact that when you express those decisions if they were made logically that will be reflected in how you approach it.

    Be open minded, but don't let your desire for true love blind you to faults in your man that you simply cannot abide. I know, I know... logic + Scorpio = difficult at best... but it can be done. Self reflection for us is something easily done if we are actually patient enough to sit down and do it 😛 and our desires tend to be simple enough.

    I am by no means an expert on loving a capricorn man, being a scorpio woman, but having loved 3 in the past 5 years I can say this... follow your instincts. Just take the time to be quiet and step out of the white water rapids that is a Scorpios emotions to be able to see what is being carried away, what is being carried towards you, feel the solid ground beneath your feet and decide when (and if) you feel safe jumping back into those waters.

  • Ahhh Yes, Scorp female/Cap male. I know this one... Man oh man in the beginning you feel such a connection to them you can't explain how you feel. I'm with an Aries who I love deeply,but the one before him was a Cappy..Here is what I know: Caps are very work oriented specially if they are in any business pertaining to arts, which most are. The Artisic nature of Scorps and Caps is a common interest which draws them together. Caps are rational thinkers and always put a lot of thought into everything including relationships, so it takes patience and time to develope a true and lasting relationship. Unfortunately, Scorps aren't patient at all and want things to happen now. Yup.. we are irrational thinkers which makes us big day dreamers, but we also are head strong and work hard to make things work. Now, If the Cap male thinks you are pushing too hard he will do what he feels is the right thing and end the relationship because, get this, he really does believe that you will be happier with someone else, even though he has strong feelings for you, and really wants to be with you. Weird I know. But you have to understand Caps are just this way, They want to do what they think is the right thing for you.. They need attention but not too much and don't go for public displays of affection the way scorps do.Privately is is the time to cuddle and hold hands for a cap. My ex and I are friends and yes I see sometime in the future another connection between us but time and space for him to realize this is the answer. Give your cap time to realize that you are a perfect match give him space support him in his work because work is a big thing to him and liston to him.

  • Mccreadyv and Lisaisbabygirl0, thanx so much for responding. I wasn't sure I would get any. At best our friendship is logic over nature. Knowing that nature will take its course eventually. Thank you for all insight concerning this matter and I will continue to be patient. I always try not to impose any of my emotions and allow our friendship to remain a great one. I guess it works because I know I like solitude also and when we are together boy is it intense. We are not a PDA type so it works in both our favor. I'm still working on giving my ears just as much time as my mouth. lol Being I'm very into my work and school I'm not all that time consuming, so I hope that works out in my favor. We both seem to be business oriented. Business before pleasure. Since we are both young and came from pratically nothing we are both setting up security and hopefully be able to bask in the fruits of our labor together!

    With respects and thanx to and your higher power.

  • yes I agree Lisaisbabygirl0 -

    I am not a Scorp but a aquarias 2/1/81.., but my husband a capri...1/19/79 which who I have been married w/for 2+yrs and we were together on and off for 6 yrs prior. Well, the last time we split up I decided that I was going to give him space, support, esp. with his work and when I did all this we grew closer. But of couse I was reluctant to take him back, but he did finally realize what he wanted & that we were meant to be. so, that was the last time we split and ever since been happily married!!!

  • I'm hate to generalize, but most Cappy men, I think, are cheaters when they are young.

  • i agree...and they don't care if you get hurt by it either. it's all about them...not trying to be smug...just burned twice by capricorn men who were both "crazy about me" at first. i'm a libra...and i am really protective...but let my guard down cause i fell in love with both of hese gys. they both have broken my heart and yet i still miss them both. why is that?!

  • that one is a tough one. i am seeing this from my very own personal experience. same situation. early 20's, he had a lot of female friends, its like a "past life mirror". thank him for taking his time. i (scorpio) pushed my capricorn into a relationship, and end result: he cheated. hind site is 20/20 i don think he was ready to be as "involved" as a scorpio is involved. by god , its all or nothing. no inbetween! just for now, be satisified with his secrets, let him come to you. he is a very secertive person, but he wants to open up to you, but as far as how you want him to open up he is just not ready.

  • but really who ever is really ready for the scorpio woman in hot persuit?

  • Wow. My first marriage was to a Capricorn man.... his BD is 1/16/57 and mine is 11/4/65. We met and became friends because we worked together. Before I knew it, he asked me on a date... we lived together for 2 years and decided to get married. Yep.. most of his friends were females... but strangely enough, I wasn't jealous. (not a normal thing for me or most scorpio women!) He was (and still is) artistic in the theatre world and very very intelligent. Even at the time we were getting married, I, being so young (19) was unsure of if I was doing the right thing. Wasn't sure I loved him, and I can totally identify with the secretive part of being a scorpio. There are just some things that no-one needs to know. I have always been a loner, and so was he. The strange thing is, I was his first lover, so he was not very knowledgeable in that field. But... he was very willing to try anything and everything, which as a scorpio is the key to keeping me interested. A year and a half into our marriage, I looked over at him lying next to me and realized, for the very first time, that I never wanted to live without him. I loved him with my heart and soul. When I was 22, I started pushing for the white picket fence and the baby. That's when he decided that he wanted something different and we separated. I absolutely agree with what Mccreadyv says... KNOW WHAT YOU WANT going into the relationship or when deciding to make it serious. Be sure that you can both agree. When I was with my man, he always said, yeah, someday I'd like kids. But.. when I pushed for it... he ran the other way because he had decided he didn't want it after all. He totally broke my heart and changed who I was. Even on the night that he moved out, All I could think about was that I wanted him.. and I wanted his baby... no on elses.... and I didnt want to live without him. I told him that I would be whatever he needed me to be... but he said no... that he would not ask that of me. He still loved me and I still loved him. It was then that I realized that love is never enough to keep a relationship alive. It takes so much more than that. It took me 15 years to get over him. To this day, there are times when certain songs will make me sad because they were "our song".

    And boy howdy... Enne.. you are so right... who is ever really ready for the scorpio woman in hot persuit? From my own experience, there is a 'feeling' that I get where I know it's going to happen... it's just a matter of time. haha.

    I wish you much luck ShellzDiva. A relationship is possible. Even a great one. There is hope.

  • hi enne...that was great insight! i will take it to heart... i will let him come to me if and when he's ready. i will try not to worry about it! 🙂 by the way...many people would be ready for a scorpio woman and a libra woman in hot pursuit! they should be so lucky...

  • I am a female goat and was married to a male goat. But what I want to sy is from inside me not from being married to one cause i'm sure I did not have same experiece as lisaisbabygirl10 and another though I believe they are right on more than likely. Capricorns do believe you are better off with another because they feel like they can never get as close as they should be even though they feel the closeness. It's like a light they are afraid to follow. But always yearn too. I certainly don't know but would think a scorpio could be a great sign for cappy man because most never know that capricorns probably have a higher sex drive than a scorpio but they don't know what to do with it as well as a scorpio. ha. Another key thing I read here was so true: The best way to keep them close is ignore them practicaly. Ha. Lot's of space stirs their hunger better than anything else if you can figure how to also stay kinda close by. Secret: We are very vunerable when sick. ha. That's the ONLY time. They don't like to hurt people but oftten do before they realize.

  • What is this about the scorpio intensity anyway....anyone want to make comment??

  • tallula2U.... Hook up with a Scorpio and you'll find Prepare yourself, it's an experiance you'll never forget... You'll never want to forget it either.

  • As a Scorp. I have grown and learned how to control my emotions to a degree and curbed my need for control and posessiveness. You almost have to if you love a Cap... Caps have the same tendancy of growing and changing when they get older.. Men in general are sex driven when they are young so many cheat in the beginning simply because they aren't ready to grow up yet... When a Cappy is in love and desides to commit.. I have noticed that they are true to the one the have made the commitment too... They are as hurt as we are if their chosen mate cheats on them and just like a scorp.. won't stick around for it to happen again... Don't be quick to judge a cappy male. They truely want to do the right thing and it's very discouraging when their bubble is busted.Give them time to work things out on their supportive and understanding and live your own life because it is attractive to them knowing that you only want to be with them because you love them and not because you need someone to take care of you.

  • toledo51.... Cappy men are hard to get over because they seep with ambition... This is attractive to most women no matter what their sign...Secuity is always a plus and when you can't seem to win over the object of your desires (A Work orented, stable male that you can depend on) You have trouble letting go, in hopes that one day you may achieve the goal of winning him over..... Unfortunately Libra, Leos,and Sags have trouble in the relationship area with a Cap because of the differances...Water signs and a couple of the earth signs are more compatable with Capricorn

  • Lisaisbabygirl0... thank you for your cool insights and great advice about cappy men. you said some really nice things about capricorn men. i know that libra/cappy relationships are doomed from the get go! but, i go for it anyway... lol

    i mainly liked him because of how happy i was when i was around him. but, all the rest of the time is the hard part because they're so elusive.

    as a libra...i am very affectionate, and i think they are more reserved. so, it's hard for me to hold back like they can. it drives me crazy. they are so cute and cuddly...but ruled by satan! :0 karen

  • I am a scorpio woman (11/6/58) in love with a capricorn man(1/1/57).We have been together for 8 months now and are in an exclusive relationship.We live some distance from each other and get together on the weekends.I am divorced and he has never been married.The connection between us was immediate and intense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still is. I told him early on that I didnt want to get married ( he was thinking about it ) but now I've changed my mind.Any suggestions on how to open up this subject again without freaking him out ?

  • My sister in law is a Cap and her fella is Libra. They have been together since they first dated at the age of 14. They are 34 now...have been married 15 years. Both faithful to each other. 2 kids. Both still out socialising together...!!! I admire them and the love they've got for each other.

  • that is great rnrchick! i think the relationship works better if it's a male libra and a female cappy, rather than the other way around. at least, until cappy men get older. libras alway try and make relationships work... and cappy women are into home and family.

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