Phenomenal reading and your help

  • Hi there, I pulled a reading for a close friend yesterday, which drew all four aces and the World in the 'basis' position. With the Hierophant as the significator, and six of cups as the outcome, would you say this means starting over, divorce?



  • I would be looking for something like the tower, the card which has people in a boat, forget its name now, death, judgement,.things like that for an ending. Ten of swords, now that to me is a definite taking on too much card...

  • Ahliyah, I saw some of your other readings and would love to get your impressions on my personal and career path and specifically my romantic life...I have gotten conflicting readings regarding my relationship status with my chosen partner... We have a complicated story but I am confident that we were brought together for a reason... Your guidance and insights into this matter would be greatly appreciated... oh yeah, his bday is 3/15/81 and mine is 3/14/80

    Peace & Blessings


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