MissBethAngels, please help

  • I am at a crossroads in my life and I have no idea which path to take.

    My boyfriend and I are on the verge of a breakup after 3 years together and having one beautiful little girl. I hate my job with a passion but it gives me flexible hours and good benefits. I am returning to University in the fall and am falling for a man who cares greatly for me, but I'm sure not the way I want him to. I recently moved back to my home town and ever since I have been unhappy although, if I'm quite honest I was unhappy before the move as well.

    Do you hear of anything the angels have to say for me?

    Blessings to you!


  • Dearest Amber,

    Thank you for your question. I need a bit more time to hear what all the angels have to say to you, so will follow up again later. You have a lot going on.

    In the meantime, begin with the simple step of asking your angels to be with you, to surround you, and help you find your way through the issues going on. I do know without hesitation everything you will be told to do from them will involve love for you, and love for your daughter. Together, with your angels, you will find your right path.

    More to follow!

    Miss Beth

  • Dear Amber,

    Thank you for your posting. It sounds like you are feeling a bit lost, and that is when angels truly shine because their job is to come to your aid and help you get back on the right path. Remember that they needed your permission to help you, and you have asked for their guidance now, so they are right with you to provide it.

    Remember also that angels are not here to tell you what you "want" to hear. Especially Archangel Michael because he is quite blunt and just says what you need to hear, whether you want to hear it or not. I think of him as a big brother, and would like you to think of him the same way.

    There are two overriding messages your angels have for you today.

    The first centers around your personal integrity. This is a big issue in Heaven where the angels soar because when you are true to yourself, you are true to God. And in the end, your purpose here on Earth is to live like He would, treat yourself and your daughter like He would, and don't compromise. Ever. If I were talking on the phone with you now, I would ask you what your values are. What do you hold most dear to you when you step back. Do you live by the Golden Rule? Do you honor your mother and father? Do you respect and love yourself? Your love for your daughter oozes out of every pore of your being...yet I am not feeling that same unconditional love for yourself. From yourself.

    Your angels say you have a good internal radar that will help guide you, but they want you to always tailor it with regards to integrity. They say it has been lost as you follow false "prophets", in the skin of man. Caution. Slow. Heed your intuition. Tempered with your values. Get in touch with what feels right to you, not what your head tells you or what another's head tells you. They say you know what they mean in describing this to you. Your heart, your soul, your spirit, all KNOW what is right. And to follow that. Every time. In every situation.

    You only have one person to answer to in this lifetime. And that is yourself. You do not want to get in situations that make your confidence weak, or your self-esteem diminished. YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR DAUGHTER angels shout. She is your compass. She is your North. When you question your direction, call on your angels and hold your little one in your arms and just rock. Rock and hold her and feel your hearts beat as one. Then you feel the heart of God. And THAT is what you follow. Every time.

    I feel your tears right now. Myself. And know, please know, that though you are in a tough emotional spot right now...tomorrow is around the corner. Hard as it is to understand at times, these hard tough times are going to help you grow as a person. You will be stronger. And your angels...ohhhhh, how glorious they are and how thrilled they are to be with you and help you one step at a time. Just talk to them. When you don't feel a person is listening. They are. They always have been. And always will be there for you. I promise you that.

    Always speak the truth. Always be honest. With others and with yourself. Always. Because in all truth, is God. You are living his example for just as you are a role model, so is He. Don't be harsh. Don't be critical. Just be loving. Caring. Concerned. And know that your experiences have helped your spirit grow. Through obstacles come the light. Darkness is not forever. Light is. You just have to find it sometimes. It's always there.

    Trust and believe and follow your gut feelings. For your angels will speak to you through them.

    When you go to school...you may want to consider the field of counseling. Because your angels are telling me this is your niche. That you have a natural born gift for this, and in its own right, counseling is a form of lightworking because you are helping and healing others through your guidance and reassurance. Think about it. Keep it in the back of your mind.

    I'm also feeling hello's and loving hugs from those loved ones you know who have passed on. I'm sensing that you have worried about them, and they want you to know they are doing just fine, they are happy, and only want you to feel their love and go shine. For you have a lot of shining to do they say.

    I hope this gives you not only some comfort, but also some angelic love and hugs and some guidance to follow.

    Angel blessings to you sweetdestiny,

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you so much Miss Beth, nail on the head with this one... 🙂

    Very comforting and just what I needed...



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