Worst 4 months of my life in the past 11 years

  • How can I pull myself out of this funk? Is it a bad time for Libras? Lost job, big family problems and starting to drown financially.

  • Hang in there you are not alone by a gazillion, lot's of company it's everybody. This too shall pass. It's not you, It's not personal we all are just going thru tests.

  • What I got was that this is all happening for a reason and to be patient. However, your biggest "enemy" right now is your mind set. Spirit's advice is to change your outlook from doom and gloom to one of hopeful optimism and faith. Trust that you must leave the past behind for in doing so you are allowing new energies and opportunities to enter your life. This is part of your karmic blueprint....trust....have faith...be patient...be confident and optimistic.



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