Advice Needed - School/Career/Relationships

  • Hey Everyone! I've been keeping up with this forum for a while and enjoy those who respond and can give great insight.... the time has come for me to ask for advice.

    I'm currently at a crossroads of several things - or at least I feel like I am - and could use a little nudge in one direction or the other. Please help in any way possible! School questions are the biggest... I am currently in my third year in school and I am at a point where concrete decisions must be made- those that I won't have much 'wiggle room' once invested/decided/begun.... School ties in with Career questions and what not. But also the relationships I have with the people around me - Friends, Family .... anything that needs to be brought up please bring it up!

    My birthday is 2/22/89

    Please and Thank you!


  • In this lifetime, Entelechy, you are here to learn to take your talent for structuring your ideas, work and lives and to extend them beyond mundane concerns and average thinking into the structuring of universal or spiritual ideas or inspirations. You must also release your fear of what you can't control and overcome your tendency to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of everyday life. In other words, you are here to THINK BIG. No matter how practical or down-to-earth you are, you must learn to orient yourself towards the metaphysical , to push your powers of discrimination, analysis, and devotion to the max so that you can see the order in the chaos of philosophy, spirituality, political or even conceptual systems. This process may require quite a bit of introspection or retreat to gather ideas, followed by a return to everyday life with more insight.

    You may have to do a great deal of soul-searching, restructuring, and rethinking before you come to terms with the defensive attitudes that may be holding you back from higher understanding. Until that time, you may seek to submerge your anxieties (of which you must find the source) in work, obsessive love interests, or an excess of family responsibilities that may take up your time but do little to nourish your spirit. Also, you may have to scale back your ambitions, notions of success, and your expectations of others before you can realize true fuflillment.

    You can go as far out in your thinking as you wish, but you must remember to come back again to earth. If you don't succumb to pessimism, isolation, and chronic insecurity, and develop instead the necessary objectivity to perceive the larger patterns of the universe and align yourself with higher ideals of spirituality, you can do much to surpass and release many of your self-imposed limitations. Mental orientation is crucial for you so hopefully you received some sort of guidance early in life on how to expand your worldview or thinking into more theoretical or creative paths. However, there is the potential for you to overreach, or even be led astray by false doctrines, overly ambitious teachers, or illusory experiences unless you are aware and careful. Career crises are common on this particular life path. At some point you will be forced to confront your assumptions about the nature of wealth, fame, and power. Scaling back or even discarding your ambitions may be necessary for your continued spiritual growth. Remember to engage your practicality and healthy propensity for doubt in such situations. A balance must be reached between the satisfaction of your material and spiritual needs. Participating in study and discussion groups is most beneficial for you since it will keep your thinking open to new ideas and concepts. Examining doctrines, weeding through theories, and discarding useless concepts while integrating others are all necessary on an ongoing basis if you are to distill and perfect your own hard-won visions or ideas.

    The best companions or mates for you are like-minded individuals who strive for a broader or more spiritual experience in life. The steady love and support of a few close associates with strong boundaries who will not be dependent or needy is essential for you. You must be free to experiment and to soar high in your own highly personal visionary experiences. In return, you will be a devoted and generous friend or mate who provides your associates with a whole new way of seeing things. Emotions are difficult for you - they're not neat, orderly or predictable. Letting your hair down and getting wild and passionate is a problem. The fear of others' opinions may hold you back from fully and directly expressing what you feel. But when emotions are held back, so are relationships. A true friend or partner wants to love YOU, not somebody wearing a perfect mask. Forget your concern for how well you are doing or your technique or performance - especially in the bedroom - and just learn to relax and enjoy yourself. Reconnect with your real - and not your ideal - feelings. Express your feelings and not just your thoughts. Acknowledge your sensitivity and let others see it. Appreciate who you and others are right now - and not what you or they COULD be. Lose any obsession you might have with being stabilized by someone who is more sober and steady than you are, to the point where you totally lose faith in your own ability to cope on your own. You won't go crazy on your own - in fact, you need some solitude from time to time to get yourself together and work out your life and love direction.

    What you really want is to be right all the time and to be perfect in the sense that you - and everyone else - is following 'the plan' one hundred percent of the time. But you want everyone to be in total perfect alignment with 'the plan' that YOU think is right. First you need to accept that you don't know what 'the plan' is and turn away from rigid physical and material planning to refocus on the larger, spiritual vision. Your complusive need for order can lead you into a neverending search for perfection. But people and situations are never in a static state of perfect order long enough for you to feel secure, so your expectations can lead to continual tension and anxiety. Because life and other people are never ideal enough for you to let go of control, you continually postpone trust and joy. That's why accepting that the Universe's plan is better than yours and that things are unfolding as they should, regardless of how it may seem, is the only path to happiness.The only place you can create perfect order is within yourself, by surrendering to the wisdom of a Higher power and trusting that everything is indeed in order. Your life purpose is to slip into an enlightened state of total connection with the universe and to make it part of your daily experience.

    Careerwise, you need to have your own private office or working space. You work very well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in private such as research, library or computer work. You would even do well working in a monastery or convent, pursuing your individual spiritual truth. You could also be a fantastic artist, craftsperson, performer or musician - bringing your private dream to others. You are a great promoter because you are good at 'behind the scenes' activities. Teaching, training, organizational work, acting, writing, dancing, athletics, design, architecture, and illustration are but a few of the different occupations that would suit your particular talents and abilities. Even if it is a regular job, you must allow yourself ample time for solitude and reflection. You have inherent gifts for noticing pertinent details and analysing the significance of information, and your innate practicality can help you achieve your dreams. You are best off in a profession that focuses on manifesting a vision, empowering you to use your practical skills to make it into a reality. Unless you allow self-doubt and self-perfectionism to stop you, your high standards will make you naturally prone to success becasue you do very good work (even if you don't always feel that way). You have a deep emotional sensitivity - whether or not you show it - and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence. To succeed, you must keep a grip on your ideals, stay practical and realistic, and keep positive. Any financial problems will probably arise from self-doubt or perfectionist procrastination. Whenever you experience a lack of abundance, issues of low self-worth are at the bottom of it - devaluing yourself unrealistically and being afraid to step up and let the world know what you are worth. When you come to know and appreciate yourself - and to express your true emotions - you also express your joy for life.

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