Very confused by this text message

  • My crush asked me was I single and he said just wondering . I responded" I am single at the moment"...he then texted me sayin.He's glad that I'm single He is also riding solo at the moment.He texted me saying"These boards now-a-days want to have the whole cake and eat it too. This **** not hard!!Loyalty is hard to come by!!When my one come by though, which will be soon or later, I'm gonna make sure to shower my love and appreciation in every way I can. She'll definitely be the 8th wonder of the world bringing displayed(cheesing) You already know"...I kinda felt like he went into a HUGE detail about how he'll treat a woman, I wonder was he tryna impress me and let me know indirectly that's what he'll give to me??...GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK



  • The mere fact he asked if you were single and said he was, is a clue that he is interested.



  • As pisces we tend to read n ask more into it what it says. We cant believe its face value. we think alterior motive, deeper meaning n are we being taken for a fool kinda thoughts.

    HOWEVER when men say it blunt out like that they MEAN it. n u CAN take it for its face value.

    this guy here aint veiling it in mystery at all. As yellowdailylily said he is into ya, interested, n is testing ur waters if u also wanna it.

    if u do, dont RUSH anything bc then u´ll loose. Cancer men in my experience prefer to let things grow in time. rushing is killing.

    i do hope ure familiar with the tortoise hare race story no? so for ur own sake b the tortoise n take it slow. slow wins the race.

    best of luck

    cwb also a piscean blub blubblub

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