Aquarius midheaven with Scorpio sun??? Help!

  • Hi All,

    Midheavens are a mystery to me. Could anyone clarify what the midheaven in a person's chart means? I'm a Scorpio lady with moon in Taurus, rising sign is Taurus and my midheaven is Aquarius... Anyone???

    Thanks so much, because I sense that this configuration may explain my need to talk a lot!??!!

    I am newish here, and haven't come across any midheaven topics!


  • Midheaven is the Career or profession section -- what you are out in the world? Taurus rising with Tuarus Moon is likely to seek assurance from a point of view - as theirs are so stubborn and fixed -- as is the sun sign of Scoprio - but the combination could be that you seek aprroval from others - or more specifically enjoy feedback and responses from others - as for talking a lot - that not a real scoprio trait -- more likely your mercury - planet of communication is in Sag - though search for a site where you can it drawn up and see for yourself. Aquarius Midheaven is the one who changes or the catylst for change in careet fields -- scorpio will delve out the dirt and aquarius will bring it to light and suggest the changes or make the changes -- and usually are fired for it !

  • Dear Moonlight27 ( like ur name!)

    Thanks so much for ur quick and enlightening response!!!

    I do like feedback/need approval-too much IMO! My mercury is in Libra...uh-oh.

    What about you,Moonlight? I'd love to know what your sign, etc is/are...?! If you aren't into sharing that, I will understand seem like a very balanced person! And you have a gift for writing, that's for sure!

    Thanks again,


  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone else includes their Chinese sign when looking at their Horoscopes?


  • Hey there Dizzy!

    I'm intrigued--how do you include it? Somehow intergrate it? At same time? I know mine is the sheep, but is there a daily reading with Chinese horoscopes? Or did you mean just keeping your chinese sign in mind when reading your "regular" horoscope?

    Let me know what you mean, K? Coz now I'm really curious!

    Thanks, Lisa

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