3rd time is best-love reading request

  • What does love holds for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    What covers Me: the highpristest

    What crosses me: 8of swords

    what is benath me: 2 of pentacles

    what is behind me: 4r 0f pentacles

    what crowns me 7 of swords

    what us beforeme: 10 of pentacles

    me: ace of wands

    around me The Hierophant

    hopes and fears: 6 of cups

    outcome: 9 of pentacles

    An interpreation about this cards and any advice is welcome and thank you for taking your time in helping me.

    around me:


    Saturday, April 16, 2011 4:16 PDT mariame


    Saturday, April 16, 2011 4:16 PDT mariame


    Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:59 PDT dawn1957

    dawn greg luvs u

  • When you stop being scared and fearful you will find happiness in love and romance.. Right now it's a time of self discovery and mastery. The restrictions you are feeling are all illusions born from fear and insecurity. Your thought patterns are the enemy here. Negative thinking and low self worth.

    To reach your goal you need to be more like The Fool, be impulsive, spontaneous , take some changes and risks.

  • Hi mariame

    I am not sure about the cards you listed, however I did my own custom reading for you using a simple three card spread and I can say your outlook is FANTASTIC for love!

    Here is what we have for you:

    Your present situation:

    KNIGHT OF CUPS - the knight in shining armor... you are really looking for love, this card tells me you are feeling a real need for companionship and I can tell you that your feelings are very sincere and genuine. And Heaven sees your present circumstances and wants you to HANG IN THERE some really nice events coming up shortly for you. I see a door of love entering, whatever the longing in your heart is, you can know that there is someone coming who feels the same way about love as you do... riding your way slow and steady... stay patient... however it won't be too long because...

    Near future:

    THE MAGICIAN - Woah! Get out of town! You have someone sweeping you off your feet soon, (maybe someone you already know who you thought the relationship was done for, but some new fires are starting up? Maybe something happened or you thought it was over, maybe not... ;). Or someone entirely new... either way, this card tells me you have a real innocent and sweet love thing waiting for you with a beautiful person. Heavenly, very spiritual, I see someone who is totally on your same wavelength and it looks like love at first sight to me. Very nice. Keep your heart turned towards heaven, stay in prayer and always seek Heaven's best for your life, you can't go wrong. i do feel strongly that there was someone you were really close to and something happened?... some pain there?... somehow everything will work out so wonderfully for you, whatever tears you cried were tears that the Lord saw and wants you to know your heart is in the right place... and that is because...

    Long term future: THE PAGE OF PENTACLES:

    Whatever this love starts out as is going to mellow like a sweet wine. This page is a messenger and this relationship is going to go from magical to practical and become very grounded... without losing the magic... you have something really sweet and deep to step into with this person over the long term. Prosperity too! This affair will be an advantage for both of you, very successful is what I see for you, in love and life in general!

    I say you have a lot to look forward to. Keep your face turned to the sky, sing and dance... laugh a lot, that will help attract the love you seek. And see yourself very loved by this person, you are sending out attraction energies that way and will hasten the two of you getting together. AND always, always tell Heaven how much you appreciate your love companion BEFORE anything shows up.. this shows Heaven you really believe in yourself, and in Spirit, and will help SPEED UP the manifestation of what your angels know you long for!

    I wish I had this spread for myself! 🙂

    I hope that helps mariame.. you hang in there, you have a very tender heart, I can see that, and I see you really have some needs for true intimacy, and maybe some hurts you have from the past.... those are all preparing you for the true love you deserve. "Whatever happened, happened for your growth or for your guidance." (-Marcus Bach)

    Blessings and light... I was on this forum for a while and took a break as I am trying to get back to my fine art painting... I hope to still jump in here once in a while and give readings, along with my painting which I love to do... Heaven is wonderful and true love always comes to those who never, never, never give up.

  • Ladies,

    thank you for your analyzis. Daangala you are Im afraid and insecure, funny in my professional life nothing like it but I stink at the love life. AStraangel you are also right there is someone in my past that hurt me and is far away and now repts and wants me back. I have seem the change in him feel happy about it. There're some obtacles that he most overcome and he tells me he will but Im not so sure he can in this aspect Im insecure. He come back in june, and if he does not follow through I would be disappointed.

    While guy #1 was far away, I met a new guy (much older than me) he is charming and loving, we get a long nicely and treats me like no other man ever has not even guy number or my ex husband. he is going to a nasty divorce. I have met all of his family including his children ( they both older). he does not say anything about the future together, but says that Im the best thing ever happened to him. He can be dominating and controling. Every things were ok with us until guy #1 came back and now Iam confused.

    So I have been trying to analyze and analyze which I love the most and will make me happy. Daangala I am afraid to make the wrong decision and regert it for the rest of my life. In this love trangle one man will be left out and he will suffer.



  • The High Priestess and The 9 Of Pentacles suggests you will not end up with either of them Do you know for sure he is going through a divorce? The 7 Of Swords indicates lies ...

    Right now you are hanging on to these two men out of fear. I think deep down you know neither of them are right for you.

  • Dangala,

    The older man is 100% going through a divorce. The younger man who is in Irag has promised to get a divorce once he comes back. So may be the 7 of swords refers to that fact that hes just lying to me.

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