If anyone is free to do a reading, understand if not...

  • firstly, thanking you for doing this 🙂

    not sure what you may need:

    sarah hiddleston




    To be honest I actually dont know whats going on in my life, I dont know what way to turn, I look for guidance all the time and feel I do not get anything. I thought my future was mapped out, but i just dont know.

    If there is anything you can get from this and inform me i would much appreciate it.

    Much Love

    Miss H x

  • Markie, thank you very much. I do try and talk to my angels, but I feel I am not doing it the right way or something. I have always been spiritual, well believed and felt it.

    I know I need to be strong, but when it comes to doing the thing I want/need to do, I back down. Scared of the outcome I think or the damage that shall be caused. Very couple thing, as you say.

    I am a dreamer, I always look to the future and sort of stop living in the present, I feel I may need to work on this also.

    I just want to be happy with no horrendous outcome.

    Again, thank you very very much.

    Much Love

    Miss H x

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