TheCaptain.. Reading Please!!

  • Me: Apr 1, 1982

    Him: Sept 2, 1972

    6 month affair started with lots of love and passion and now it looks like push-pull roller-coaster!! What do you see for us in the future.. Please help! Thanks!

  • Opposites attract - until they clash. The differences between you are such that the relationship may become wholly involved in seeking out a basis of understanding between you - an effort that may not receive much reward. You two have completely different approaches to life, with you acting on your intuition and your partner tending to be more structured and logical. Faced with an upcoming event or challenge, he will plan things down to the last detail while you play it by ear. You two can work well together as co-workers on adventurous and challenging projects - but love is not one of them. In more intimate settings, your energies can clash. A love relationship can be undermined by your friend's emotional problems and by your inability to deal with them. When he sinks into a depression (perhaps caused by feeling rejected, unloved or ignored by you) there may be little that either of you can constructively do. His nervous instability can unsettle your positive, breezy attitudes, leaving both of you a bit unsteady and lacking the confidence to cope with any crisis that may arise. This relationship can lack any sexual reward and it may demand an emotional investment that neither of you is prepared to make.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. Differences.. hmmmm.. it's actually more like we mirror each other.. I even think we think same things, we like same things, we react in same manner.. sometimes we even say same phrases simultaneously.. Him planning things to a last detail? I really do not think so.. He jumps into thing first and thinks after.. I actually the one who tries to plan things out. Yes, his instability does affect my positive attitude, true.

    "This relationship can lack any sexual reward".. hmm.. I'd say he is my best sexual partner I ever had (and I had quite a few..) Same for him.. He says that sexually we do things he never have done and everytime there are fireworks for him. We have amazing sexual connection here.

    The reason why I am asking if we do have future together is not because we do not have much in common. He is married, but what we have is way more than an affair.. I know that he is "my dream".. I just wonder if this will resolve with time. I treasure him in my life very much.. Thank you TheCaptain.

  • No I don't see any future for you with this man. He is quite happy to maintain the status quo of your secret affair and sees no reason to change things. So he can have his cake and eat it too, being too selfish to worry about whether you are happy or not with that.

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