In Love with my Bestfriend

  • I have been married 8 years now with two kids, i am an aquarius and my husband is a Leo...we are complete opposites and fight all the time...My best friend who is also an aquarius has always been by myside but lately we have gotten closer and have he has told me he has feelings for me. The biggest problem is i have always loved him just never thought he would settle down now i really want out of my marriage to be with my bestfriend....Help

  • What are the birthdates of all concerned?

    Could it be you are just wanting someone who undeerstands you, like your friend of the same sign? You and your husband are very different people so understanding and sympathy might be very lacking between you. If you feel you don't have much in common, you can be sure he feels the same way. You really need to have a good long honest talk with your husband about the direction of your marriage or even if you want to continue with it. Focus on working that out before you think about finding someone else.

  • We have tried talkingr years now but it doesn't feel like we have moved forward. My birthday is Feb 08/1980, my bestfriend is Feb 11/1981 and my husband July 25,1973. Thank you for your help:)

  • You and your husband: the relationship's challenge is to face up to problems lurking in the depths of both your personalities. The shadow side is powerful here, and if suppressed, ignored or misunderstood, it can threaten the entire relationship. Attention must be paid to deep feelings and psychological tendencies, particularly negative ones that seem too disturbing to handle. The inevitable necessity of facing up to such dark issues becomes apparent when problems arise that will not go away, and in fact get worse when neglected. When your husband and you decide to get to the bottom of your problems, your complex relationship may have to be unraveled by a professional, such as a counsellor or therapist. Through this kind of process of self -examination, however painful, you two will often grow closer and gain a renewed sense of commitment to each other. A romantic but unrealistic love affair probably united the two of you in the first place. It was no doubt deep and passionate but destructive. You two tend to project your negativity onto each other and then to strike out against perceived moods and attitudes that are really your own. You both may also force your mate to reenact the rejecting roles of people you knew in childhood, perhaps teachers or parents. You must both build up your self-esteem before you can make progress as a couple. A marriage based on conflicting feelings will tear you apart without a strong mutual will to heal individual problems.

    You and your friend: You two may have acute problems getting along together on a daily basis. The irritation you usually experience with other people can be heightened in your relationship if you were to live together or see each other too often. You are both likely to develop a habit of mutual accusations, charging each other with annoyances of which you are actually more guilty yourselves. Antagonistic battles can rage between you because you mirror each other's emotions. It's fine if you are mirroring love and peace, but when it is anger or frustration - watch out! Blinded by the glint of the mirror you hold up to one another, you are unable to see either yourselves or the other person clearly. On the other hand, there is a terrific potential for transformational energy here if it can be properly tapped and directed. Precisely because it can be so confrontational and uncompromising, the matchup can bring both of you far in your personal development, if only you have the patience to hang in there and the toughness to survive the relationship's many storms - which is why this is easier for friendship than for a love relationship.

  • Thank you for you insight...

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