ADD/ADHD drugs are not always the answer

  • Healingways,

    Glad to hear your de-cluttering is going so well.

    Funny they had a "Horders" marathon on the tv yesterday and my husband was watching it, then I started watching it later in the day. Kind of pumping me up to finish our own de-cluttering. It was never even close to what was on the tv but it definitely give you pause. OUrs was mainly from trying to fit to complete households together in a short time.

    Anyway back to alternatives.

    Good for your daughter!

    As long as they have ruled out the other possibilities on the list I put up on this page and if they are sure it is ADHD, you might want to look into the natural herbal alternatives. Your regular diet can be a big help but if they actually have the ADHD and it is causing a problem with learning, there are herbals that do the same thing the manufactured drugs do. They can be given as suppliments just like vitamins so they are not as time consuming as dietary regulation.

    I think gota kola was one of them but I do not remember for sure. Just be sure that the research you do is from good reasources, some are just trying to sell their books. (Bad as the drug companies playing on parents fears. I'm sure they all have a huge Karmic Debt comming to them.)

    Another thing that helps immensly is working with your children to find and practice methods for calming themselves down. If they can get good at a technique that works for them, they can use it their entire lives. Many times it starts with learning to ground and breathing techniques.

    There are so many times on this site we talk about doing this sort off thing ourselves and the benefits to be had yet don't think about teaching it to our children.

    I still believe parents need to be aware of the things in the food we eat regardless of whether there is a problem or not. (Why do you think there is such a big movement to delete corn syrup, and trans fat. Not because it is cheaper but because people are waking up to the harnming affects.) But one problem at a time I guess.


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