Blmoon your appreciated help please

  • Blmoon I am a fairly new member on here but have been going through the forums and reading your posts/replies which appear to be very perceptive and intuitive.

    Would you be able to spare some of your valuable time to do a reading for me please. My DOB is 24 November 1959. Am not sure how much info you need from me but feel in somewhat of a limbo at present. I moved from UK in 2009 to work in Egypt and then moved to Dubai which is where I presently am and have been here 16 months. After being separated from my second husband for the last 6 years and spending that time alone (however, many dates later) I now feel the need to settle again although I still value my own space and independence fiercely. Do you see my life taking a turn for the better and meeting someone who will share my duration with me?

    So much more I want to share with you but am trying to condense this as much as possible.

    Anything else you wish to know please ask away.

    Thank you in advance Blmoon and wish you a lovely day x

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