For Paddi and Mags

  • I hope you are feeling better, I'm worried about you. Sending you light and love!


  • Thanks LB ,

    Im feeling much better , i hope that you are feeling ok that energy was like nothing ive ever experienced before . sorry i couldnt return to your thread . Im so sorry for your loss of the person whos funeral you attended . My heart thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time .

  • Thank you for your prayers, but pray for his family as well. I only knew him as a co-worker, not very well even, as he had just started working with my company.

    Whatever it was we were experiencing I'm glad it's passed. And I'm definitely taking more precautions with myself these days.



  • Hi LB I a fine too thanks for being so concerned, at least I would be better if there wasn't so uch darn pollen in the air...You be sure to protect yourself when you go in to groups of people.


  • Glad to hear you're better, besides the pollen. 🙂

    Light n' love,


  • HiLB,

    Im very grateful to paddi for interviening as ive never tapped into an energy that over powering where i just had to leave for my own health are you suffering with any kid of breathing problems? as im breathing really slow and heavy as im typing this to you .

  • oh and our avatar is so cute its reminds me of Bindi Irwin do you know who that is?

  • I've still got this cold I'm dealing with, I think I've actually bruised/sprained a rib from coughing so much, but I am getting better. Breathing has been a chore.

    Bindi is such a doll! If there is a girl who loved her Daddy well, its her. The avatar is my lil' one, Isabelle. 🙂

  • Hey LB

    You Isabelle is such a cutie looks exactly like Bindi at that age i am an aussie and was very hearbroken by Steves death he was the light at the top our christmas tree so to speak everyone loved him and he was what us as aussies are all about true blue to the core anyway more importantly i think i was picking up crossed energies between you and your friend that passed so many things were coming through at once .but the breathing is still with me you must try and take it easy i know its hard with a little one to look after please go and get yourself checked if you havent already as the breathing is still the same to me and normally i would when i have quiet time surround you in whitelight and try and connect with your energy well this has come through with out having to do that and thats how i know thatyou are defently unwell i hope im not driving you nuts rest up and plenty of fluids hope you are feeling better soon

    Take care Love and light Mags :0)

  • Oh and LB i will try and send you some healing when i get chance il let you know what i pick up .

  • Hehe oh man, I've been back and forth about going to a Dr. But no, not driving me nuts at all! Just maybe that extra nudge to take care of myself properly. Especially with my rib aching so badly now. Thank you in advance for taking the time to send me healing!! Oh and Isa too, she's been sick as well.

  • Hey LB Im sorry to hear that Isabella is not feeling well either poor darling you guys are having a rough time of it of course i will send her healing as well i hopw that you both are feeling better soon Happy Easter

    Lots of Love and Light Mags 🙂

  • Just a little update. Isa and I are feeling much better. We both ended up on antibiotics, I, about a week after her (my stubborn streak). Thank you for sending healing our way, and thank you for the Easter wishes. We had a lovely morning egg hunting. 🙂 Hope yours was great!



  • HEYLB,

    Your very welcome im glad to hear that you both are feeling better we had a lovely morning egg hunting as well thankyou for your nice birthday message ,.

    Love and Light Mags:)

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