Confused by my cancer crush text message

  • My crush asked me was I single and he said just wondering . I responded" I am single at the moment"...he then texted me sayin.He's glad that I'm single He is also riding solo at the moment.He texted me saying"These boards now-a-days want to have the whole cake and eat it too. This **** not hard!!Loyalty is hard to come by!!When my one come by though, which will be soon or later, I'm gonna make sure to shower my love and appreciation in every way I can. She'll definitely be the 8th wonder of the world bringing displayed(cheesing) You already know"...I kinda felt like he went into a HUGE detail about how he'll treat a woman, I wonder was he tryna impress me and let me know indirectly that's what he'll give to me??...GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK



  • vince and dawn u will get what is coming to u greg

  • who the fuck r u? whose greg?

  • Yes he is letting you know, but I get a feeling you need to tread carefully. As with a lot of Cancer men, they'll openly show you all the love and affection you need when they feel safe. But the moment they feel someone getting close, they will retreat back into their crab-like shells.

    You can bring him out of his shell, but it will take time and patience. The key here is not to rush anything and don't be surprised (or too hurt) if his words and actions turn completely opposite to what he told you by text.

    As a Pisces you have a bucket-load of compassion and understanding, use them. Approach things gently and you two will be fine.

    Love and light to you


  • P isceanHealer is absolutely right!!!! smh!!

  • hot virgo do u have a personal experience?

  • YES!!! LOL look at some of my threads you will see mind you my cancer man is back again he begggggggged me back but he still pretty much acts the same smh im over cancer men check my threads if you like:) hopefully your canvcer man will be different but check anywhere and you will see women saying the same things about them....

  • sorry for the typos *cancer *my LOL

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