How do I find happiness?

  • I've tried everything-but I am so tired of not being happy. I'm not sure why all these bad things have started to happen. So many things, the worst is losing my son in a car crash. I'm broke, in a dead end job and can't find the energy to do anything more. When will it stop.

  • Hi Pisces63,

    I asked for guidance for you and what came through was to honor the cycles in life - take time to heal if you have not already done so from the loss of your son. Also realize that he is still with you although you cannot reach out and touch him physically. Take time to nurture and be kind to yourself and try not to get so bogged down with the responsibilities of everyday life. Make sure you are getting enough rest. Being well rested is essential to maintaining balance and in the ability to find your center and release all anxieties and fear. Once you can get to this space I am being told to tell you to reconnect with your inner child. Take time out for fun and simple pleasures - activities that bring you joy. Archangel Raphael is around you - ask for his assistance in your healing.

    Hope this helps.



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