I need some help please

  • Hello Everyone!

    I don't really know how to put this. I love my dad very much but enough is enough. I'm tired

    of living under the same roof as him. I can't tolerate no more from him. I think i have learned enough from him and i understand his role in my life but it's time for me to live on my own. The thing is that

    I'm afraid for my mother. I don't want her to stay with him either. She has gone through so much abuse by his hand. I've been waiting for her to find the courage to leave him but nothing.

    I know she deserves a way better life but to me she feels like a little girl scared to take a risk,

    to fight for what she wants. I don't know what to do. I want to move out cuz i feel this will help

    me so very much in many ways. Should i leave with my sister or should i wait a little longer

    and maybe she'll break through the fear and ask him to leave? Will my father ever leave by

    his own will sometime soon?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you sincerely

  • Hello Cappy I was drawn to your post very strongly.

    I sense he will not leave on his own accord and your mother will stay by his side. I sense you know this already but need reassurance. Leaving would do you the world of good. It is very sweet an noble of you to be worried about your mother but at the end of the day you can't live your life for her, by this I mean if she can't gather the strength to leave him which she wont, you can't be expected to stay and suffer along with her. You need to live your life and she will understand this. All you can do is be there for your Mother when she needs you and hope one day she will get the strength to leave. Good luck

  • Thank You So Very Much Daangala,

    I understand..

    I always tell my mother that she can't live my father's life, and I'm doing the same with her.

    Yes i understand, i just hope that when we do leave she finds the courage and decides to

    move in with my sister and I. If not then I'll respect her decision and I'll always, always be there

    for her. I believe in her! I'm sure she'll do it, i have faith in her. She deserves all the happiness

    in the world.

    Thank you again Daangala šŸ™‚

    I AM Grateful

  • Hi SunCappyGirl,

    I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with Daangala, I can't offer anymore better insight than you just received, but I do so want to let you know I want to send loving healing energies your way to help you keep strong and do whats so obviously best for you, I will send healing to your Mum and Dad and hope one day they will feel it in them to accept an healing for themselves and go on to living in their happiness in whatever way it will be....but for now, you do what you must do and that is to live your life, you deserve much happiness too!....and maybe one day your Mum will do the same by your example, it might be just the encouragement she needs :)....

    Love healing and blessings to you


  • Dear HealingWays,

    I'm left with no words to say :')

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful wishes and help.

    I know one day she will šŸ˜„ I'll always be there for her and pray for her.

    She's very beautiful in every single ways.

    My dad deserves the best as well. I just hope he finds his heart and spirit and starts living

    a better happier life with my mom or without her.

    I'll follow my path now, i must. I little voice is calling to me!

    I am infinitely grateful with you HealingWays

    I love you my friend!

    Lots of love your way!

  • Amen!.....

    You are truly a beautiful spirit!!....many blessings will come your way, I just know šŸ™‚

    and my gratitude to you too, for I do feel grateful!....I always feel blessed when wonderful souls as you cross my path šŸ™‚

    love to you!


  • You are both beautiful spirits. This thread made me smile.

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