Captain-Have Great News-Hope It Stays!!!

  • Finally....after these past 4 months of hurt, pain, confusion and embarassment-I feel as if I can completely and utterly move on from the jerk unfortunately known as my ex boyfriend lol. I've realized that he is not worth the pain and hurt Ive suffered especially since he cares so little about my life. I'm came to this realization (I would call it an ephiphany lol) after getting a reading from Daangala (Not that I don't trust your wonderful judgement Captain :)) I saw that he already wanted to break up with me before he actually told me (right before I moved in up there and almost went to school) and he isn't wasting any time on me or my memory and can care less about me. I also saw that that he was very immature and way too selfish and childish for a relationship. After reading his reading it hurt to know I was crying over a jerk that didn't care at all but on the upside I realized why cry over someone who will never appreciate me or care for me anyway and has moved on like nothing ever happened! I'm too good for this person and I deserve so much better than this. I have better things coming my way so why be distracted by nonsense. At least I know my life will be full. I believe this is what you were trying to tell me when you said he is very focused on his own needs and fufillment so you know what let me enjoy life knowing I deserve the best and nothing less. I will savor the relationship for what it was and count it as a blessing because I learned so much from it and know I will have sucessful relationships in the future.

    I will never forget what he did to me however only because it helps me to never get sucked back into missing him again. He may have hurt me but I will never be down-I will finally and completely move forward no strings attached this time. No more questions about him whatsoever anymore. Thank you for all your help Captain especially when I needed guidance in the beginning of my mourning process .Thank you so much!

    1. Am I handling this the right way and is it ok to feel this way about him now (I feel like I may be doing it out of realization and spite at the same time)?

    2.Will I meet a guy just my type in Miami who will appreciate me?

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Do you know what your type really is? To know that, you must know yourself very well.

  • I think I know what I like and admire in guys but at the same time Im getting to know myself more and more everyday. Overall I think I know myself pretty well. I'm just glad to me moving on from that jerk and Im glad to see that I am handling this the right way and I can finally put the past behind me. Thank you for all of your help Captain and everyone else that has helped me battle my feelings with this.

    1.Will I meet a good guy in Miami that I like that will appreciate me?

    2.Are all my basic finances for school going to be taken care of?

  • 3.What wil come of my car situation-will I get one before Miami or during my first year in college?

  • I'm sorry If I am asking so many questions and especially this question Im about to ask-What did my ex like about me and what were the bad qualities he saw in me (for example clinginess,depression, etc)-although I said I wouldn't ask any questions about it anymore I want to know so I can continue to work on my possible bad qualities and have good relationships?

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  • Your ex felt you required too much care and attention for him to handle.

  • Oh well that's not bad (at least Im known for the best lol) I guess he had too much going on with him anyway to be concerned about a relationship that requires care and attention. Wish him the best though. I was wondering what will be of my car situation-will I get one before I go to Miami or during my first year there?

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