Sun?Moon?Rising?...Scorpio lady seeking advice...

  • Hello, this is my first posting and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on what it all means...My sun sign is Scorpio, my moon sign is Aries, and my rising sign is Scorpio. Before ever learning this information, three different psychics, on three separate occassions, all told me that I'm different than other human beings. One actually told me that I'm "not-of-this-world" and that she'd only met 5 or 6 others like me. I have always felt like I am different than my five siblings, and my friends,, but never told anyone else because I wasn't sure of the reactions I'd get! I was also born during the "Year of the Horse". Feedback greatly appreciated!!!

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  • Hi,

    How are you?

    So, when you say rising do you mean ascending in Scorpio?

    So, I'm born in the year of the Horse also. The Chinese Astrology says we have four neutral months and eight negative months. Not even one positive one by there calculations. For us Horses making it through the year of the Ox has been a real pain in the rump. How about you?

    I'm a Gemini. and I favor Scorpios, Scorpios are cool.

    You would need to ask a professional astrologer your astrology question. Maybe some one with in depth knowledge will come to answer your astrology question. But my guess is if your ascending in Scorpio you have a pretty solid personality.

    Peace and Unity

  • Yes John is right -- just relax and be yourself -- scorpios are intense and powerful -- try expressing yourself -- in a light and cheery way -- and don't offer advice to others unless you are asked -- you can be scary !

  • Perhaps you should ask the mediums what they mean

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