Reversed cards

  • Hello to all,

    I am new to this forum and look forward to acquiring more wisdom of the tarot. I was wondering if this site randomly chooses a card for us when we receive a card for the day or is it done in sequence and does this site offer the reversed position. The card I rec'd today which was the Hierophant can be very helpful to me for the situation of my day. It will however make a difference if it were in the reverse position. I do intuitively think it is not in the reversed as it did not show up that way. I would so appreciate clarification with regard to does this site offer the reversal.

    Thanks so much and happy powerful full moon to all!

    Rael of One

  • Hi There - No, this site does not do reversals in its online readings. Just be heedful of the shadow aspect of the cards and listen to your intuition....

  • A card has a set meaning. Period. Reversed is not complete opposite; that would be a complete new card. In many cases it means a lower energy of that card. It could also mean a resistance to following or adhereing to that energy, often with higher forces; an acceptance of a higher power is mnore difficult becuase we are not in control.That energy may be near fruitation or at early stages...I joined here this week. I am from South Carolina and now reside in NY. I enjoy tarot you know anything about this new zodiac sign? I am now considered ophiuchus. Interesting.

  • You are still a Sag my dear. Ophiucus was all media hype...check out what actual/credible astrologers say about it and you will see that you are still a Sag! Welcome to the site and hope you are enjoying your new home in New York 🙂

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