What is My Outlook for next three months

  • Hello, Shuabby Here,

    I thought it would be a great ideal to start this tread for those of you that know you have methaphysical ability and want to start using it, wheather it be reading cards or just using your psychic ability. I would like to know what you see for me in any area that comes to you for the next three months. DOB: 2-22-57.

    Do not be afraid to try as we all have to begin somewhere.

  • Dear sweet Shuabby,

    Thank you, you have helped me and others here on Tarot, never asking anything in return...I am moving this back up for you, so that others can offer their gifts back to you..

    "Do not be afraid to try as we all have to begin somewhere."

    I felt family, right away when i read your post...

    Namaste' Shuabby,

    Sheila aka shatz

    Sending you peace,light,love, answers and laughter today and always

  • hehe me again my daughter's birthday is the same as yours 2-22-2000:)

  • 🙂

  • another bump

  • Dear My Journey,

    Thanks for the kind words you are such a sweetheart. I do have trouble receiving and seem to always be giving, so I am working on this part of myself. Too bad that others did not at least make an effort here on this tread.


  • I wish I had some reading I could give you! I feel bad that you've been so great and aren't being flooded with readings :

    MyJourney, you're very kind for bumping this.

    Just wanted to let you know you aren't being totally passed up.


  • Hi Shuabby, don't give up on us yet :), its a really chaotic time for me,.............but I really want to practice clairvoyance. I would like to try a bit more later. But just right off I seen a darkness which felt like a couple of months away, felt like you were encountering an unknown...like no decision had been made yet regarding something???? When I tried to look further I seen a kind of shiny orange square with ridges kind of like a stone seemed big like the size of a bed, with white or a light colored edge around it, also seeing tree's, green, mountain area????

    Are you deciding where to go camping for summer......Oh I don't know...fun looking tho and would like to try more when I have more time. Gotta go to dinner now. Hope you get some others to try for you too. Does anything I seen make sense?? Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • Hello GJay

    You did a very good job. Yes I relate to a decision not yet made and entering into the unknown. I'm moving to a state where there are mountains and green trees also.

    Thanks so much.


  • Hi Ladies,

    Can someone give me insight on my topic it's called" Help from a Reader Needed...Married.. but I am in Love with my bestfriend..."

  • Hello Markie,

    What an excellent reading. You most certainly are accurate in what you had to say in many areas. I'm withdrawn and inside my head at this time and yes a brand new adventure of owning a home is upon me. I am disconnected from my husband as he is 2000 miles away working now.

    I do like to be the best at what I do and plan on more training when I move. I have gained more confidence through clairvoyance and doing reading in that form no cards or tools. I understand what you picked up about money and the bright side that money will be replinished in the late summer, as I plan on going to work. So happy to hear the word movement. I really am ready for upward movement.

    I got a lot out of your wonderful reading. Thank you and enjoy your Easter Sunday.


  • hi shaubby,

    I am just starting out on doing iching reading for others....

    I threw some coins for you when I first read this thread but when i re read the thread i thought perhaps it is not suited to this?

    I came across it in my notes today....just practice...

    I asked the question...what can shaubby expect in the the next three months re love...

    The hex that came about was hex 28 changing line 2 transforming to 31

    hex 28....preponderence of the great.


    The ridgepole sags to the breaking point.

    It furthers one to have somewhere to go.


    the image

    The marsh submerges the tree: Great excess

    The noble one stands alone without fear, retreats from the world without melancholy.

    Life is a cycle, it is circular. It begins, it grows, and it goes down again. To make life a straight road to a distant future is a desperate attempt of human mind to make it never-ending. It will not help him – inevitably he will go down some day. But if man accepts going down as a substantial, important and good part of life, not as a decline but as a indispensable phase, then he makes his living days twice as many. Do not live as an old man or an old woman, live as a grand old man, a grand old lady. Without regret or fear, but with the riches of wisdom and experience.This applies to everything, to enterprises, feelings, popularity. In everything all phases are important.

    This hex normally associated with something that has been under great pressure....something heavy going on....that need great strength to be supported. A change needing to be made ie in the language of the Yi and the image of the hex is of a man...and a mountain...and steps, footsteps going over the mountain- having somewhere to go pass, towards a big change in life a completion of an action...ie crossing of the mountain....will lead to success....

    the changing line 2

    A withered poplar tree grows shoots. An old man gets a real woman as wife. There will be harvest

    this line i think shows renewal...rejuventation.... also can mean mutual support...after wnter summer always comes..

    in a relationship... i When an old man and a young woman join their forces, they have together the best of both. He has won his spurs, is probably very well capable of making a living. She has the power of her female assets, care, strength, probably very well capable of making a life.

    You are not necessarily the woman, he the man, it just means that you both (might) have abilities which will add up to each other and further....


    the hex it transforms into is 31 wooing/influence..


    Influence. Success.

    Perseverance furthers. To take a maiden to wife brings good fortune.

    I think this is a postive reading..;-)

    your relationship has been under great pressure lately...a big change needs to be made a mountain needs to be crossed...but your relationship will go through a renewal a rejuventation..it'll take on a new life... and a tree is pretty solid good roots .you will become mutual support for each other...which will lead to lots and lots of wooing 😉


  • hmmm i think hex 31 shows your marriage...i just read your response to markies comments you are married...;-) could show that....

  • this reading was done 22.04.2011 around 11pm uk time x

  • Oops was the 19.4.2011 just rechecked my notes x

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