• hello girlie,

    whats wrong?


  • I missed this, I've been in so much emotional pain lately, I think I was purging and releasing hurts, doubts, stuff like that. I questioned everything I have ever known about my spirituality, why was my life so hard now. I was in so much pain I just wanted to lay in darkness for a few days. It could have been a "self" examination into why I do the things I do sometimes, mistakes in judgement or doing something foolish but today I forgave myself and I did this meditation where you take all your pain or whatever is bothering you and you imagine it as a rock, even as a rock around your neck that is weighing you down, and sent light into it and merged that darkness into the light and my rock turned into a diamond with a ruby in the middle and it felt so good. I think I'm back now.

    I don't think it's just me either a lot of folks are saying the same thing. I prayed to God to never let me forget how to do that. The entire time I was never alone, I could feel and see my guides/spirit around me but girl the pain was so severe I didn't want to close my eyes knowing they were there watching me wallow in self pity!

    But Now I feel so good and Alive and I AM SO THANKFUL! Thank you for being a friend...... I couldn't really tell anybody, sometimes we need that Solitude.

    P.S. I keep pulling Angel Cards that say I'm gonna be getting Psychic Gifts soon and I had a Lucid Dream about gettting the gifts of hearing and Seeing but not yet, though I can hear things going on in my ears.

    I'm just trying to make it day by day like everyone else!

    Thank You!

  • God Bless You! I know you will be Blessed, you have such a sweet spirit that carries over in your words!


  • Here is the meditation, LOVED IT! From Jeshua


  • Hey poetic, I felt the same thing waking up yesterday. Well not quite as intensely as you to be fair, but I did write down in my journal, "Woke up feeling restricted around my heart. A heavy heart feeling. I feel frustrated, blocked, and losing faith, hope, and optimism. Even angry. Doubtful. Distrusting of myself."

    I'm glad it didn't last long, and I am also glad you are feeling better 🙂

    Love and light,


  • It will pass, I said this period is/was the worst period in my entire life. It has passed Thank God, go withing yourself, try that meditation it works. We are not in control thats for sure.

  • Hey Poetic- Been there too, lots and lots of times, Trying not to get into it again,

    Remember i told you i thought i had clinical depression, i think that was it anyway, but it was bad,

    and just getting over the worst of it now. We all go through it eventually, guess it is something we have to do. I am sensitive person too, so i do pick up on alot of other people's feelings, so i cannot always tell they are mine, and the thoughts that come with them too, are not good. Just to let you know, i am only an email away you know if you need to vent or chat, cause i have been there and done it, and some cases still in and out of it. 🙂 But not as bad. Love n Light Bee Xx

    and Hugs to you too Twinsoul. you help so many people here. 🙂 Love Bee Xx

  • I too am overly sensitive to energies and pick up on people's emotions. I am trying to learn how to separate my emotions from those of others, the way the TV psychics are able to do. I'll get there one day 🙂

  • Love you guys, surround yourself in Light/Shield. Just breath......

  • Hey Cee, we love you too. and i am sure you will PH. we will all get it one day.

    Love Bee Xx

  • Hi there Poetic 555

    Sorry away on business. Even psychics have day gigs.lol Yes that depression that you speak of is a symptom of psychic transition for you. ALL of us antenna people have been feeling the same way. My dearest friends who are psychics ( really ones ), and I have been going through serious doubts about our abilities and beliefs.

    We have also been depressed. As of May 1 st. this horror has seemed to lift, and the skies are bright, and we can again call the wind.

    I believe that you are quite psychic. Perhaps just a bit inexperienced and afraid. Being psychic is not all the fun it is made out to be my dear, and your spirit knows it. So it is afraid to come out to play.

    Meditation is a wonderful way to start. I see that you have been doing that. YAY. The first step is acceptance.

    Please say each and every morning: I fully accept my psychic abilities as part of myself. I embrace this ability to see deeply and am thankful for it. Say this as many times as you can throught the day.

    You can practice by giving me a reading. I will be your guinea pig. It is my pleasure to teach you, my dear.

    So lets go!

    love and blessings


  • @poetic555 , Wow, don't even remember this!

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