Heartless b******, or clairsentience?

  • My brother and his wife are having major problems. She has moved out of their home and all signs are pointing to a permanent split/divorce. Yet I am not worried at all. I feel as if everything will become clear for them once Mercury goes direct. I feel that they will get through this and be all the better for it. I also feel a strong urge to tell them to get relationship counselling - which is kind of difficult since my brother is a very private person and won't even talk about this with his family - yet I have envisioned me giving them this advice.

    I guess I am searching for some validation here please. Am I right not to worry, or should I break out the tissues and join the rest of the family in their mourning?

    I feel as if I am wasting my time asking this question as well...

  • PH- Do not feal that your wasting your time with asking questions- that is a good thing.I feel, that you should go with your gut- and see what happens,:) Follow it through, and if your getting confirmation from your feelings, then that you should definitively do. I am sure your brother will appreciate it. Either way.

    Love n light Bee Xx

  • Hey Marc, gosh you sound angry,or maybe hurt, its hard to pick up on your emotions right now they seem pretty scrambled,

    is this affecting you maybe because of your recent relationship, do you think? When it come to family matters, this is a problem, if your brother isn't the talkative type what about his wife? Sometimes, my beliefs, my opinion only, there are three truths...his,hers and the truth...

    and sometimes we just have to back away unless they ask for help...sorry that your brother and sister inlaw are going through this rough patch...

    love and light Marc


  • Well the Universe says lot's of relationships will be ending, use your best judgement without putting emotions in to it, like as a third person, will you make a difference or is it betwen them?

  • Hi Marc,

    Your last statement is the crux of the matter. The lesson here for you is growing into your power. Trust in your abilities and do not be afraid to share the messages you receive. Spirit wants you to step into your power and shows that you can indeed be the voice of reason as well as a catalyst for change in this situation. Share your message and do not be afraid of those that would "shoot the messenger." You are a healer...remember!



  • Becca, thank you for the words of support. I'm not sure if I feel I am wasting my time in a bad way or if I am wasting my time because I have nothing to worry about. Does that make sense?

    Sheila, sorry for the confusion. My emotions are on a see-saw recently, up and down, up and down, constantly. The anger and hurt you are picking up on is probably something left over from the past couple of days. I have literally gone from being angry and frustrated to hopeful and full of joy in less than 24 hours. So scrambled is a pretty good word for it! At the moment, neither of them is open to talking about it. My brother is too private and my sister-in-law seems to be too concerned with us (my sister and I) siding with our brother.

    poetic, thank you for your insight. At the moment it is very much...I was about to say between them, but at the moment I think both have given up. Still, I don't "feel" that it is over. I even told my father on the weekend that it's not over between them.

    Watergirl, thank you. I think you've said exactly what I needed to hear.

  • PH- Yes of course i understand, i hope it gets better for you and your family, and your emotions settle down a little šŸ™‚ I am sure it will all work out, things seem to in the most unexpected way's

    my thoughts and love to you and your family šŸ™‚ Keep us posted.

    Bee Xx

  • No need to apologize for your feelings Marc:),

    it was just a strange mixture of emotions i was picking up on:), i know you will do whats in your heart...so be true to yourself...

    love and light Marc



  • Funny you should say that Blmoon, I feel that I have been avoiding the situation. Glad to know that wasn't a bad thing!

  • i think sometimes watching sibling relationships is difficult....because depending on how close you are to your sibling reflects how much you get involved if that makes sense?

    ie i am not particularly close to my sister and over the years attempts to be close to her have failed i would understand that she is going through a hard time if a relationship of hers failed but i would also feel that I couldn't really add my two pence worth in unless she came to me. and considering my relationship history i doubt she'd take me seriously anyway....

    I am not gifted etc... like you are PC, your feelings tell you that he will come to you and you will offer him advice thats why you feel calm, its self belief....which i think if you do have a gift is a good place to work from.

    reading some of your posts its inherent in your nature to help people but i think you're working through some of your own issues sometimes you feel calm towards anothers problems because subconsciously our own are more of a priority...so you feel to back from anothers issues because there isn't enough space to compute everything in our mind.

    your brother is lucky you're there if and when he needs you...and that not being heartless it just means sometimes we need just total me time x

    hoping things improve for your family x

  • Hmm Marc if I were you I would not get involved, they have to sort it out themselves. Otherwise you will have a split with your brother becasue he will say that you suggested bla bla bla. My advice, be a silent observer. It is not your battle. You have enough of your own.


  • And the angels chime in...

    to say....in matters of the heart, there is no poor or ill-timed love. For the love of your brother, you will speak from your own heart to give him the sage words he needs to hear. From his own brother. You have a voice for a reason Marc. Use it following your heart. And trust in your judgment because it's divinely inspired.

    Any advice rendered from the purest place of love is never ever ever ever wrong in being rendered. Ever.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • Sorry MArc just going to change the subject for 2 seconds - thank you MissBeth you were the one who got me on the spiritual path via the angels and I have never had the chance to thank you so THANK YOU - back to you Marc...

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    forevervirgo, wise words. I'm going to reflect on what you said, thank you. šŸ™‚

    Sheelagh, I'm not worried about a rift between my brother, he'll thank me for the advice and do what is best for him. Besides it's counselling, he's got nothing to lose.

    Miss Beth, thank you. I've been struck by a lot of messages of patience and "proper action" today. And to me proper action means doing the right thing at the right time. Which, I believe Blmoon, also means I am not giving away my energy to distracting dramas right?

  • Marc, I feel for you, I really do!!!...(((hugs)))......Please LISTEN to Blmoon....I am really picking up on her message to you....it SO feels to me is what she says is what you really need to do now my lovely friend.....


  • Totally agree Denise. It's even in the way it is delivered. Direct to the point and blunt. Perfectly apt for me!

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Blmoon thank you for bringing me these messages. Love & light to you šŸ™‚ x

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