Speaking The Language Of Love

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, when you speak the language of Love, all of life speaks with you. You engage in a communication with all things that is rich and filled with beauty and magic, and every moment your life expands, your world becomes ever more astounding. Every exchange in the language of Love lifts you up ever higher, lifting your vibration with every sentence that you speak.

    The stories that you have heard about indigenous people and how they live in communion with the natural world are true. You, beloved ones, are ready to engage in this very same experience of the heart, engaging with the world in brand new ways, dancing through your day in joy and wholeness. Returning to that place of pure innocence where every moment is a treasure to be discovered, you are free to continue to experience brand new things.

    The difference between the mind and the heart is that the mind has created patterns for how it sees things and comes into every experience already set, already believing that it knows what you will encounter and what things are. Some of you can reach back to your childhood and remember how it was to be fully present, to be totally engaged in life and to experience everything holographically.

    For others it will be a new discovery, this entrance into an experience of Love. This is a language that is easy to learn because it is your natural inheritance. All that you must do is plug yourself into the endless flow of brand new life that everything can be a brand new discovery, including, dear ones, the discovery of your own heart.

    When you speak the language of Love, all possibilities are open. Nothing is already known and every moment is fresh and newly made, which it truly is. As you engage in the communication of Love, what you experience as the world becomes so magical, and even the boundaries, the definitions of “world” can open joyously and change. Suddenly the barriers begin to fall between this world and the Real of God, between this world and things that are beyond this…and between “this heart” and “that one.”

    The language of Love is a language of resonance that will lift you up, swoop you into the flow of joy, open you in ways that you’ve never imagined and feed you, truly, feed your soul and enrich your whole being.

    Yet, to truly speak the language of Love requires coming to it completely clear of any and all previous definitions of life, of God, of Nature, of what it means to be alive – free of any rituals of the mind, any outlines for prayer or encounters with Love.

    Any perceptions of what it takes to regain this innocence, all of it, in this moment must be let go, so that you come into the encounter with life purely and directly and without the mind. Oh, beloved ones, one sentence in this language, one communion with any aspect of life and you are lifted into the upward moving spiral of continual engagement with what is truly Real and what is Whole.

    There are so many, so very many formulas for how one encounters God, how one prays to clear the heart, transform the path, open up to what is called “ascension.” And yet, formulas, dear ones, are just another veil keeping you from the direct experience of Love and keeping you from the glory of your natural life in full communion with All That Is in freedom, in excitement and joy.

    It is excitement to see what the moment reveals. What shall the conversation of Love say to you? When every moment is the fullness of true connection, of true communion in the language of Love, then the whole of life can be revealed to you directly in a continual conversation with Me and with every aspect of the Love I Am.

    You can feel the call to living this way, to a world that sparkles with inner Light. You know those things you’ve read of indigenous people have truth in them – how every step is supported by Nature. Every movement is done with feedback – what is perfection in this moment now?

    What food is perfect for the body, as the body comes forth brand new and whole, directly from the Moment of Creation, held by your consciousness in the conversation of Love in a world of joy and unity, where the language of Love is the only language there is?

    Every moment that you experience your native language, the language of Love, is a moment, dear ones, that all feels right. These moments can be multiplied and celebrated, until they create your whole life, and every day is a day of the heart. It is possible, beloved ones, to live in this world speaking the language of Love in every encounter. It takes a shift from all the definitions of the mind – not only into the heart but to a whole new perspective of what communication is.

    It takes remembering that all the layers that are mind-created cannot feed you or bring you wholeness because they are not your Real inheritance. They are, rather, part of the sub-creation of duality which is also created from the substance of Love. Therefore, it too can be engaged in this language of the heart. You will discover the unraveling of the false world, right before you, as the language of Love reveals every new and amazing possibility in the shared communion of Love, heart-to-heart.

    Emptiness can change instantly into the fullness of life. When you shift the language you speak in each encounter, when you remember to speak the language of Love, a new pathway is made, and something Real is revealed, always in surprising new ways. Just so, in every moment can you reclaim Love, can you ask for a different language to be spoken. Even though, perhaps, it is not acknowledged on the level of the minds that are involved, it will be acknowledged by the heart and by every movement of life that is part of the whole.

    You will find that every moment that you return, beloved ones, to your native language which is the language of Love, is a moment that is so filled with gratitude, so filled with the sense of who you are, so rich with endless possibilities that every sentence brings such change that your inner feelings of endless joy become at last how you live in every moment.

    So it is true that there is a language of the heart that is very Real and is spoken universally. It brings to you, directly, the hologram of life. It brings refreshment, upliftment and revelation instantly. Most of all, it is all a communion with Me, for Love is the language that we always share, and every sentence that is spoken through your heart brings to you this communion with Me that makes everything right and brings you freedom to experience life without the veil, without the creations of the ego mind, fed by Love and Home in Me.

    To speak this language of Love takes commitment to come to it virginally, meaning without any definitions of what life is or what you think you see or feel or know. From this place of openness, Love can speak to you – Love from which all things are made -- and reveal to you the beauty and the purpose of every aspect of the whole of God and every way that you are part of this – how you serve Love in every sentence and serve it perfectly.

    How blessed it is to feel that you are right where you are meant to be! Through the language of the heart you are taking your next step, breathing your next breath, feeling your heartbeat, expanding your Love…and becoming the power that Creation is with open hands, giving of God and living in God and speaking with God – acknowledging God as your true identity. It is God speaking to God, the language of Love.

    Such joy is waiting for you, beloved ones, and such amazing discovery in each moment. Such excitement when you feel the next revelation taking shape the moment you reach forth and begin to speak the language of Love. What, says your heart, shall this moment bring? “I am alive and free and open, and waiting for the next sentence…”

    When you become proficient in speaking Love, you will be living Love without impediments within your heart, without the veil of the ego mind’s creations, without its definitions of what life is. Thus will your day be the unveiling of miracles and be filled with perfect guidance and the acknowledgment of the dance of Love reflecting perfectly in all things.

    Can you sense how it will feel to live life directly, without any thought of what the next encounter will be, without the construct and the mental images of who you are, without the judgment of what the world is – purely engaged in the glorious Now Moment, free of the constructs of duality and time, and so perfectly in tune with the whole of life, with the unfolding of Love.

    You will always be in the right place, taking the next step completely supported by everything around you, living truly in a world of Love so rich and Real that there is nothing else. Your heart is ever growing stronger in its ability to see and feel and know the language of Love.

    Beloved ones, I will be your tutor. I invite you into the classroom of the universe, and I invite you into the study hall of a world of Love where each of you will learn in brand new ways through the heart directly. Can you imagine reaching out your hand to find it filled with jewels? Reaching out your heart to commune with Nature?

    Can you imagine finding your footsteps bringing you to a new encounter with a Being of Light in a scene of stunning beauty where every flower speaks and acknowledges you and every plant is made of nourishing Light, each one, pulsing out its messages to you?

    As you experience limitless freedom in recognition that all is consciousness. Through the heart and consciousness of the point of Love that you are, dear ones, your heart can be made manifest perfectly, to serve Love in this moment.

    Will you practice the language of Love with Me? Will you come to Me with nothing preconceived and let Me take your heart and open remembrance of how it is to be in communion with everything, how to live in such joy that freedom and ecstasy are your natural states and you are so present that you can be Love and you can love as the heart of God?

    I Am your tutor in this remembrance. The language of Love lives in you now. Hold on to all the stories you’ve read of indigenous people. Open your heart. Call to Me and take the next step, letting Love reveal just what that step is meant to be.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2011 Circle of Light

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