Worst Thing Happened Today

  • Well, today I had an appointment with my therapist but it got canceled. Before it was canceled, I kept thinking about how weird it would be if all of a sudden she got sick or died randomly. When I got home, my mom told be that my appointment got canceled because my therapist got rushed to the Emergency Room. That was very shocking.

    Another weird thing that happened today. The guy I have started to like (but then decided not to like) really captured my attention today. I could tell something was plaguing. I even told him that I felt as though something was wrong with him. He said nothing was wrong but his eyes told a different story. It's just weird. I don't want to like him but now that I feel as though he needs some sort of help, I can't help but to start to like him more.

    Him: June 2, 1997

    Me: February 23, 1997

  • Well hon u´re an empath as well as a medium which means u get preminitions, u have a diagnostic sense. its not that u wish it to avoid things, its who u are. its up to u to choose to use it for good or own gain. if u choose the latter i need to mark that with that choise what u do of bad will return to u harder.

    as for teh guy, hon, as women we have this inbuilt "fix it" gene. N thats what u play on now. He is not as what he oughta be n u wanna help n FIX IT. By it u confuse it for emotions. Tread carefully here bc he may not want it as u may.

    U know the story of the Hare and Tortiise race right? consider why the hare lost and the tortoise won. in this lies ur reply on the i need to fix it n fix him n by it i like him even b4 i didnt.

    i hope this helped.


  • Thanks, CWB. That really did help. 🙂

  • Yw. That fix it thing i heard n understood as i caught a rare show of Dr. Phil. His wife actually said it. Women have the i wanna fix it gene. Its as imbedded in us women as men often still has that caveman protection food on table roof over head gene lol

  • Lol. Well, I have heard that quite a few times myself. Sometimes I find myself trying to help/fix too many people and I don't focus on myself. I have tot try and balance them out. But yeah, women are natural nuturers.

  • as are many men!

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