Being the Wave

  • a message from Allison Rae

    "I am the spiritual impulse itself - an evolutionary intuition embedded within the sacred unfolding of the cosmos." - Pierre Teihard de Chardin

    Everything changes. All the time.

    Stars die. Galaxies are born.

    A human embryo gestates. The fetus becomes a baby, then a child. The child matures to adulthood, ripening with age.

    New life emerges from the womb of winter. Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

    Civilizations rise and fall. New species appear. Some vanish. Seasons turn.

    Life is cyclical, an evolutionary unfolding. Life is consciousness. Consciousness is love.

    As vast cycles of time come to an end through 2012 and beyond, love promises a new beginning.

    My spirit has anticipated this moment for millennia. Has yours? My soul chose eons ago to be incarnated here, now. I wanted to experience the transition to the next world age - to see, to feel, to taste this awakening.

    As we know all too well by now, this transition is not without pain. Transformation often means struggle. The creative force pulsing through the cosmos is necessarily destructive. The passing away of the old makes way for the new.

    We humans tend to resist change, yet the persistent unfolding of life yields infinite gifts. Without tasting sorrow, would we recognize bliss?

    Lunar festivals

    Celestial and Earth energies are building again. More changes are on the way. Can you feel it?

    This weekend's Full Moon initiates a wave of evolutionary potential that culminates in an explosive eclipse series in June and July. Now's the time to prepare on all levels.

    In evolutionary terms, whatever has outlived its usefulness is on the way out. The process is physical, yes, and also mental, emotional and spiritual.

    What's dying within you? How are your values and beliefs shifting? Is it time to release thoughts, conditioning, patterns or habits that no longer serve your evolution? Are you living your purpose?

    All full moons illuminate what's been held in the subconscious. With the influence of Neptune and Chiron transiting Pisces, the next three lunations carry enormous potential for deep inner healing and expanded awareness.

    Tonight's opposition of the Sun and Moon in Aries-Libra is the first of three spring lunar festivals in esoteric tradition. This one is the Festival of the Christ and coincides with Easter and Passover. The alignment is exact at 10:44 PM Eastern.

    In May, we'll have the Festival of the Buddha, a holy day celebrated as Wesak in Buddhist tradition. The energies are building in a giant crescendo toward a total lunar eclipse in June, which is also the full moon Festival of Humanity.

    There are two other eclipses coming up, too. Partial solar eclipses will happen on June 1 and July 1, with the Solstice in between.

    Meanwhile, the Mayan Ninth Wave is pulsing in nine- and 18-day rhythms. The evolution of consciousness is accelerating toward a culmination in late October.

    Our experiences on this journey will not be ordinary.

    From economic reconfiguration to climate change, spiritual awakening to social revolution, the changes are coming faster and faster. How do we deal with all this?

    Being the wave

    Earlier this year, it felt like the evolutionary waves were forming off in the distance, flowing toward us. Waves of change seemed to be somehow separate from "us" as souls embodied on Earth. The goal was to ride the wave.

    With each passing day, it's become clearer that the key to navigating the acceleration of change is to merge with the force of creation - to become the wave.

    There's no real secret to merging with the cosmos. We're already embedded within it. This is not a "doing" so much as a remembering that we are one with the divine unfolding. There's infinite grace and power in this way of being.

    While we can experience divine consciousness any moment of any day, the possibility is enhanced during times of significant planetary alignments. Celebration, ritual, prayer and creative intent will be amplified during these upcoming configurations:

    May 1-5 is the cross-quarter gateway of Beltane in the northern hemisphere (Samhain south of the equator). This year, the Taurus New Moon falls within this gateway, on May 2/3, depending on your time zone.

    The Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus (Wesak) is May 17 at 7:09 AM Eastern. (The Full Moon rises on May 16 for most readers.)

    On June 1, a new moon partial eclipse in Gemini is exact at 4:03 PM Eastern. The power-packed total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius-Gemini on June 15 is conjunct Galactic Center. The lunation is exact at 4:14 PM Eastern.

    The Solstice on June 21 is the apex of the solar year in the northern hemisphere. South of the equator, it's winter and the shortest day of the year.

    The grand finale of the eclipse series arrives July 1, when the Sun and Moon meet for a partial solar eclipse in Cancer, conjunct the great star Sirius. Our lives are likely to look vastly different by July than they do today.

    Details and additional alignments are outlined in my 2011 Astro Forecast mp3 and PDF (links below).

    What to expect

    Throughout this period, we'll notice more acutely the interplay of darkness and light. The differences between seeming polarities (for example, night-day, masculine-feminine, wealth-poverty, love-hate) grow more striking before ultimately resolving into unity. The illusion of separation will grow more intense as the truth of oneness emerges.

    On a large scale and personally, we'll see more chaos and destruction, endings and new beginnings.

    Everyone will experience these shifts differently. As relationships or jobs dissolve, new opportunities arise. You or your loved ones might experience accidents, illness, fatigue, agitation or even the sudden awakening of spiritual gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience or prophetic dreams. Emotions run high. Addictions try to get a footing. Miracles happen more often.

    How do we navigate this next round of changes gracefully?

    Every day, attune to the flow of creation.

    In the northern hemisphere, it's spring and we're celebrating new life, the transcendence of the human spirit. The sun warms our skin in this season of rebirth and renewal. In the southern hemisphere, it's fall, a time to count our blessings and reap the harvest of the solar year.

    The change of seasons is a perfect time to liquidate personal belongings, donating unused items to those in need. Spring and fall are also traditional times for a full-body cleanse.

    Have you been tending to your body, mind and spirit? What helps you feel supported on all levels? Take a careful look at your habits, and your budget. Eliminate the frivolous. Get back to basics. Make caring for yourself and your loved ones a priority.

    Grounding and centering are essential. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark, leafy greens. Mother Earth provides the sustenance we need in these times, especially fruits, vegetables and grains. Medicinal herbs, healing teas, essential oils, flower and gem essences also support us on the journey.

    Additional tips for navigating the shift are included in my 2011 Astro Forecast mp3 and PDF (links below).

    During times of potent planetary alignment, the effects of our thoughts, intent and action go quantum. Meditate and give thanks. Offer a simple prayer for your loved ones, all beings and the Earth. Offer your hands, your heart and your mind in service.

    Be the wave. Be love.

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  • Be the wave. Be Love.

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